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SAVEtheTIGERS tokens (TIG) Announcement

Human beings have a responsibility here on earth to take care of and preserve wildlife and now is the time to preserve the endangered species related to the Tigers. SAVEtheTIGERS (Symbol TIG) tokens have been created to bring greater awareness…

Divvy – Interesting Project – Draft

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m0xj4Euclr5Q56Dv0IgDWmRQhWvBZRd14yjwvlToqrs/edit#heading=h.xy0tq6jx7fls Trying to UNITE the Ethereum Cooperative with Divvy. Nice to establish some contacts and gain a bit more momentum and direction. That’s what it’s all about. Come join ranks! DAO Spartans….Strength in Numbers!