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I was censored over false accusations by the Internet of People. Bitcoin Macroeconomics takes the matter very seriously. To attack my reputation, well they better back this shit up. Reputation is all we got, and if these people are going to make false accusations, they better back it up. Or they will learn the lesson about freedom, free speech, and transparency.

It’s ok to admit it when we are wrong. It’s how we learn.

After all, this is blockchain technology. Back it up. Prove it. I know they can’t.

But because it was censored previously, this being a morphing into the Libertaria Project, I have to post this for transparency so it doesn’t get removed. I’ve asked them to prove the false claims they are making, serious claims, claims they claim I threatened females.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics prides itself on integrity and to join a community, the Internet of People and have some stranger making false accusations of threatening females and then having the audacity to say that I was warned about it previously, that’s an outright lie.

So I send this message to the Queen of the Libertaria Project or Internet of People that got it wrong. You will bow down and kiss the feet of the people and admit you were wrong.

You will learn about freedom and liberty the hard way. With freedom comes responsibility and right now your reputation is on the line for making false accusations about me.

So this is blockchain. Use it.

And from Bitcointalk:

This will prove to be another example of censorship by the IOP community. They are wimps when it comes to principles of freedom.

I post this before IOP censors it.
yah delete this because you chumps are filthy liars and have to resort to fucking lies and censorship and you have to run on spreading lies and rumours of the worst kind, in this case that i harassed women and threatened them with violence on multiple occasions, and that I was warned (as if it was more than once, and even that is a fucking lie).

You guys are worse than sophomore chicks in high school. And you fucking call yourself a community?

I’m no butthurt about being “fired” as you call it when you are a bunch of weasel dicks. But I’m trying to prove that you are slanderous and defamers of character and reputation, and trying to get you to prove your own false allegations to your own community.

Know why? Because you filthy liars cannot, because you are liars.

And know what IOP / Libertaria Project? Even when a liar tells the truth, he is not believed.
This will be the lesson of your project. That you cannot be trusted and you have ZERO integrity as a project.

And to that extent I will save this because of your own censorship because of how you act like a bunch of sophomore bitches.

Have a wonderful project. Ill see your face in the later rounds. You will learn from your punishment and you will kiss the feet of the people.

Here is a screenshot because they will PROBABLY censor that, as IOP talks the talk on anti censorship but are hypocrites when they are caught in a bold outright lie, and they have already been censoring this thread BECAUSE THE TRUTH HURTS THAT MUCH.

IOP USA-West had the first community meeting on October 8th, 2017. It was chaotic, and sort of as to be expected, but as one that claimed IOP USA-West, I walked away saying I could not justify paying myself for another meeting if I did not lay down ground rules. The meeting paid each person over 10 IOP ($45 equivalent at the time) as donation. This is by no means any condition for employment, just a chapter. But there was a learning lesson.

Brent Woods – IOP USA-West Community Manager

1. It is necessary to establish a community manager to establish order in meetings, stay productive, and stick to agenda items.
2. While technical difficulties happen, we respectfully ask that you show up on time for scheduled meetings if scheduled in advance.
3. While technical difficulties happen, we respectfully ask that you mute your mic if there is echo or feedback. If it is not working you may be put on mute or kicked, until the issue is resolved.
4. Ideas and projects are encouraged and if there is support, there is possibility of funding small projects, however ideas and projects must be vetted outside the meetings to not distract from time of the meeting. is a place to present ideas. is another recommended place to vet ideas and try to garnish support. If it advances it can be discussed as an agenda item when there is enough interest.
5. Solicitation of “coin projects” or of products or vetting for funding in a meeting will not be tolerated and will be seen a conflict of interest. We respectfully ask that you do not interrupt the meeting for support of other projects.
6. If you have an idea for a project, in order to get support or perhaps any funding, the project details must be disclosed and at minimum it must be presented, not in a meeting, but linked for further review (so as to not waist meeting time) and show how the project is self sustaining and how quantifiable results can be arrived at. If it doesn’t meet this criteria or has no value, it will not be supported as an IOP USA-West project.
7. This is not a place to discuss politics, philosophy, and this is not a QnA, but a focus on agenda items for IOP USA-West. The purpose is to stay productive and the purpose of the ground rules is to establish some ground rules and order.

This is a social experiment and good decisions need to be made. With freedom comes responsibility. To have a meeting and pay $45 in IOP donation means the chapter has to be responsible. After the first meeting, this was necessary to draft some ground rules as Community Manager. I said I could not dare pay myself another $45 donation unless I established some ground rules as I could not do that same thing again, let alone replicate time and again, on the clock.

If there is no value or production (productive time) from meetings, then it will be evaluated quickly and decisions will be made. It was stated that the intent is to pay a minimum of $45 (USD equivalent in IOP donation) per hour with hopes of raising the bar to $151 per hour and the overall purpose of IOP USA-West is to bring value to chapter members. This is why order in the meetings will be important moving forward.

It is also necessary to say that IOP / Libertaria Project is it’s own entity and is not to be confused with budget that arises from IOP USA-West. It is encouraged for others to communicate with the project and know where to get the information for the Internet of People. But there is a line in the sand when it comes to time constraints and budget as it relates to the chapter. For that not a great deal of time will be spent discussing things not related to chapter business. If you are curious about that, go check out the links, but keep it off chapter time and meetings. Some of that will come about in time with updates and apps. But the chapter will not donate IOP to do QnA or answer those questions.

IOP donations will be paid after the meetings, not before. If there is no value in meeting, that will be arrived at soon enough, agenda item will move, and any commitments will be made after the meeting. I hope this message is clear and brings efficiencies and production to make good decisions and the most effective use of the IOP. If it is not, donations will not continue.

This is a social experiment. It’s sort of like Animal Farm. We can make the rules. We can also change the rules to the detriment of the chapter like that which happened in Animal Farm. The ground rules were a first draft only and were drafted with good intent. The intent is to not be Napolean the Pig, no. The purpose was to establish order to counter potential chaos. The purpose was to establish community management where there was none. This is what I had to do as community manager to stop in advance that which happened in meeting 1. If I did not, I could not expect to be paid anything. And for this I am paying myself $45 equivalent of IOP to myself, in donation. It’s good to be whitelisted! has claimed the USA-West chapter for Internet of People (IOP), one of four in the USA. Come join the IOP Community! New Beta – HD Wallet – Multicore Miner

Major Update to IOP Blockchain —> (Latest release of wallet) IOP Latest News! IOP Community website

Find us in the Region 1 IOP Miners channel for updates, meetups, goals, etc.

The purpose of claiming this chapter was for the mining opportunity. The purpose of the chapter is to bring business opportunity and profit via decentralization to our members.
This is Region 1 (USA Chapter). Come join the tribe!
Please do not provide any links as I will not click on them.
Let me know how you wish to contribute, be it as a miner, in social outreach, in new business development, or rounding up free thinkers and tech hounds, and we can start a loose knit, decentralized network.
The game plan will be to establish some meetups depending on interest, and it won’t be centrally located anywhere near Seattle, no. It will be remote, utilizing the technology, to ensure that all in Washington and outlining communities can enter with equal opportunity and we will leave the traffic jams and the central city to the group thinkers.
There’s a new way of doing things, and it entails technology and methodology.
This is a huge opportunity with IOP. Let’s put the Internet of People (USA Chapter) on the map.
Please use this menu or blog as a place for updates until we can look at options and infrastructure. People Power!

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