1. Paper Wallet Generator

Paper Wallet Tutorial: Create a Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin paper wallet.

Compliments of MMH


2. Hard Lessons in Cryptocurrency – Test Your Wallets! Make sure they SEND & RECEIVE (including after encryption) before loading with any real amount. Test with Free Faucet Crypto!! +


3. Protect Your Private Keys!

Copy Machine & Printer Hard Drives and Bitcoin Private Keys…



*SUNK meaning “FULLY SYNCHRONIZED” **If you do not fully synchronize, transaction will remain “unconfirmed” and good luck getting it back.

5. MultiBit, MultiDoge, & Litemode (in Dashpay)wallets as solutions to lagging, overheating, corruption of files, and major headaches.


6.  Quick Lesson on Security: Passwords

7. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

8. How to Get a Bitcoin Wallet Address and Free Bitcoin in 3 minutes or less

9. HTML Basic Tutorial: Head and Body Tags

10. Where Should the Script Tag Be Placed in HTML

11. HTML Practice – Basics

12. How to Bootstrap a Core Wallet for Doge Beginners

Share Code from any device! Teach Code! Learn!

14. C++ Programming

15. Learning C

16. C Language Tutorials

17. Free Programming Books

18. Doge Tools (Exchange Converter BTC, USD, etc)

19. Ethereum Price Exchange (Converter, BTC)
****Also several different coins, DASH, etc

20. CounterParty Price Exchange

21. Time Zone Converter – Timebie

22. Node.js for Absolute Beginners

23. Ethplorer – Ethereum block and contract explorer

24. Etherscan – Ethereum block and contract explorer

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