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Have a legitimate job in the world of cryptocurrency or the cryptoeconomy? Are you a developer, security expert, or offer other skills, or just want an entry level position?

Crypto, Cannabis, or 3D Printing? Bitcoin Macroeconomics aims to cut out the HR Departments and their waste of time and exploitative practices. Same goes for the Head Hunters.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is willing to sort out the garbage and offer the match making. The garbage will be weeded out without being allowed on the site.

For a donation employers, casinos, and development teams can promote their employment opportunities. Likewise if you care to make a donation to get your resume posted for employment opportunities, it will be considered. The purpose is to weed out the scams, bogus offers, and ridiculous hiring practices being seen. A donation makes that possible. Only legitimate offers will be posted. This will be done on a case by case basis for a trial period. Make your offer in cryptocurrency ONLY.
*Removal of openings and resumes will occur upon donation of a reasonable amount and on a case by case basis.
Make your offers in the comment section below or contact for screening. Like life, there are no guarantees.

**All ads or resumes will be removed after 90 days, no exceptions. Only links will be allowed along with a brief job description, location, and offer amount. Resumes or cover letters must be in link format. This site reserves the right to remove all links at any time (though that is not the intention) to avoid fraudulent activity or offensive material or bogus job offers (should it be reported). The purpose is for fairness and legitimacy. We all know that cryptocurrency is full of scammers. Job seeking should not be a part of that. Just another example of how Bitcoin Macroeconomics is doing it’s part in the Worldwide Bitcoin Economic Development Experience!

Got a pie in the sky, sky is the limit offer? Don’t contact this site!

Changes can happen for a reasonable donation. Refunds will not be available. Report this site to should you feel you were ripped off in any way.

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Here’s an example of an ad that would never be allowed up, but it wastes people’s time on Craigslist, in multiple cities, and who know’s on the other end of the blind ad just datamining.

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