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Be sure to go to chat to get random crypto giveaways! Bitcore Airdrop Mondays! Get 3% every Monday through November 2017 just for holding at least 10 BTX in your wallet.

BTX Claiming-Service sponsored by Team BitSend
BTX here
Claiming is possible for 6 months (02 November, 2017). It is free for everyone.

Please follow this guide with no rush and control your BTC address for qualifying for the BitCore claiming service.

1. Type your Bitcoin address and wait few seconds. Our system will control your address. With positive result, follow step 2

2. Please sign a message with your Bitcoin wallet and type “BTX”. Fill the incoming signature in the first window.In the second window you type your new BitCore address.

3. If you did everything right, the system checks it and you will see this message.

4. You see an example what will happen if you’ve already claimed. The system will show you the BTX transaction ID.

Everything’s finished! Enjoy your new claimed BTX.


Youtube Claiming Video

Signature check is possible here ->
Byteball Airdrops are one of the hottest giveaways I have ever seen! This one will create millionaires!

Fair initial distribution

Free distribution to BTC and Byte holders.

Mass adoption requires wide distribution, that’s why 98% of all bytes and blackbytes are to be distributed for free. The distribution is split into multiple rounds and in each round holders of BTC and Bytes are rewarded. The amounts you receive are proportional to your proven balances in BTC and Bytes on the next distribution date:

For every 16 BTC you receive 1 GB (1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes),
For every 5 GB you receive additional 1 GB.

To prove your balances, install the wallet and chat with the Transition Bot (you find it in the Bot Store in the wallet). The bot will help you link your Bitcoin and Byteball addresses by making a micropayment or signing a message.

You also receive blackbytes in proportion to your linked BTC balance and your balance in Bytes on the linked Byteball address.

The first distribution round took place on Dec 25, 2016 when the network launched, over 70,000 BTC was linked, and 10% of the total supply of bytes and blackbytes was distributed. In the subsequent rounds, the total distributed supply reached 36.6%:

2nd round on Feb 11, 2017: 121,763 BTC linked, 1.8% distributed;
3rd round on Mar 12, 2017: 129,139 BTC linked, 2.0% distributed;
4th round on Apr 11, 2017: 145,441 BTC linked, 2.3% distributed;
5th round on May 10, 2017: 207,672 BTC linked, 2.9% distributed;
6th round on Jun 9, 2017: 453,621 BTC linked, 6.6% distributed;
7th round on Jul 9, 2017: 949,004 BTC linked, 11.0% distributed.

The 8th round is scheduled for the full moon of August (Aug 7, 2017 at 18:10 UTC). The balances will be snapshotted at the time of the first Bitcoin block after this date, and rules for this round are as indicated above. We will likely have more rounds until we distribute all 98%, the rules in the future rounds will change in favor of current holders of bytes.

Chat with the Transition Bot to link your Bitcoin and Byteball addresses and participate, track linking progress at