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Purpose of this Charities Wall is to drive donations to addresses. Bitcoin Macroeconomics is not responsible for the non profits or causes and reserves the right to take down or refuse space. BTC or Doge, or other crypto “RECEIVE” addresses are going up free at site’s discretion, while others will be charged for costs of administering requests, since not all are non profits, and again, the cost of administering. Use of this wall is for the right reasons, to do what we can to micro fund causes, but use is at will, and if necessary, addresses will be removed. Any charges are non refundable and users initial posting is at will. Administration costs or charges will only be accepted in advance of posting and if agreed upon. Bitcoin Macroeconomics is under no obligation to keep postings up, however the intention is for good cause and to keep the posting up indefinitely and ongoing. But if there is good reason to remove posting, the listing will be removed, no questions asked. For this, I ask for good cause and intention ONLY. Thanks in advance. Macroeconomics DGCVHNGLZ6QweTHbJE76uSfK9hUW3HkTPc

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 The Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO) is a Belgian registered non-profit foundation / charity. DONATE BITCOIN AT VERY BOTTOM OF HOME PAGE Make a Secure Donation

Support the PCO, make an online donation of any amount.
GSDR Official Page Donate Bitcoin Now button at bottom of page.
This German Shepherd Dog Rescue is based in the United Kingdom.
Shiba Scout RescueDogecoin
We are excited to be accepting Dogecoin donations. Dogecoin is a crypto currency that features a Shiba Inu as their mascot. Donations can be made to our wallet address D5MGiMCmxkpJkLBhKe9oN7h49X3t81e3kp


Support the FSF

Your contribution to the Free Software Foundation will help us build the strength of the free software movement through worldwide education and outreach, software licensing and compliance, infrastructure for free software development, and organizing against threats to the freedom of computer users. Why do we do this work? Because free software is a cornerstone of any modern free society.

Bitcoin address: 1PC9aZC4hNX2rmmrt7uHTfYAS3hRbph4UN
Litecoin address: LPttYC3GoXNrBqGfLT7tTbNHm8SiUpBwYz


The Denver Bitcoin Center is a non-profit, grassroots incubator and shared working space for Bitcoin startups. We provide shared workspace and meeting space at our Denver space (near 6th and Sheridan). Denver Bitcoin Center gladly accepts donations to help cover expenses (in fact it’s what pays all of our expenses, we haven’t yet made a cent!).

If you would like to donate via Bitcoin, here is our Bitcoin Address:


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  1. May 4, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    Doge wall is a effort between crypto companys ,artists and teachers. To create a interactive mural about crypto ,its uses ,how to videos ,faucets and ads for bussinesses worldwide that accept crypto currencies.
    This wall is in The arts district las Vegas .there are 5 walls all in high traffic areas that 100000 people a month will be able to use .The walls range in size and price min. needed to fund 1 wall is $7000.00 usd.
    the best part is there are 85 stores in walking distance and we have spoke with most of them and they will accept your crypto.we have partnered up with to put crypto in the hands of everyone ,anywhere ,anytime.


    DEFCON IS IN AUGUST we want to have at least one completed when The top Doge will be in town for unveiling.

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