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Factom Airdrop Factom “Telegram” Airdrop. Easy sign up with bot. Get 1 Factom with sign up, not a bad deal considering the price of 1 (as I write this the current price is $29.28):

Pokemon (PKG) Token Airdrop Sign Up!! Might be a decent airdrop! 10000 pokemon tokens per airdrop 5000 pokemon per referral. Sign up at above link! Required, Twitter and Telegram and ethereum address (not exchange). This is an ERC20 token, or ethereum powered.

Register for second EXRT token distribution Register for second EXRT token distribution. This form will be locked on 1st of June. Second EXRT distribution will happen in June. Minimum amount to receive EXRT: 10,000,000 EXRN (10 Million) If you bought from the team – no…