Band Management / Live Concerts

Coming Soon!
As a way of decentralizing the world as we know it from the top down controlled mechanisms, that which includes the entire music industry, Bitcoin Macroeconomics Presents will be offering a new methodology for your band or festival to reach new heights and worldwide markets, complete with payment gateway in a completely new fashion where your band or artists or venues can reach new audiences and get paid via cryptocurrency via targeted mass redistribution. That’s right, the paradigm is being changed, no longer do you have to wait for a major label to find you, you cut them out and go direct to the market as independent artist. This is a portal for you to be seen, get paid per view or concert, accept donations, or sell entire albums, complete with sampling. It’s coming soon. Complete management will be offered or you can rely on your festival or venue administrator or band manager to convert the cryptocurrency or Bitcoin as you see fit or the service will be offered. Contact if you are interested. This is in the works. More details will be provided as it rolls out.