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Every marketing department should have their own 3D Printer. Tell your marketing manager to get it in the budget and step up to the plate. Check out Peak Solutions and some of the products.
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Peak Solutions LLC, established in 2003, provides Rapid Prototyping, Scanning and Software solutions for companies in the Western US and Canada. Our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business.
3D Printers by 3D Systems

3D Systems is a leading, global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including personal, professional and production 3D printers.

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3D Scanning Software

SpaceClaim Engineer is the world’s fastest and most innovative 3D direct modeler. Rapidform and Geomagic software open a world of possibilities with a range of applications that includes scan data processing, mechanical design, and haptic sculpting.

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Roland Rapid Prototyping Machines

Roland subtractive rapid prototyping machines provide parts and prototypes milled from a wide variety of materials with smooth surface finish, tight tolerances and a low cost of ownership.

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The Handyscan 3D portable laser scanning technology is proven reliable, accurate and very easy to use. The HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arm-free probing system generates high-accuracy measurement. The Go!SCAN 3D is very fast and is our easiest-to-use portable solution.

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Get a KNK Zing today!Blue Tooth and Voice Activated Technology

http://vimeo.com/57289467 Video Demonstration





Klic-N-Print 3D Printer, Zing Cutting Machine, Router Blades, Software & Files, tinting and other supplies, magnetics, & chipboard.

Best Prices on 3D Printing Supplies and Printers

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Bio-Friendly / Biodegradable PLA Filament for your 3D Printer (made from corn!) | Food Grade PLA Plastic Filament for 3D Printing

MakerGeeks.com has looked high and low for a quality PLA / ABS filament source that we could count on to make our MakerGeeks brand of filament… we finally found the best filament we had ever printed with and I know you’ll be happy too; each roll is tested to insure a +/- 0.1mm tolerance.Matter of fact, if you aren’t happy with the way your new MakerGeeks.com filament prints just send back the unused portion and we’ll issue you a FULL refund. Can’t beat that now can ya.. oh, and how about FREE shipping!

Go GREEN with MakerGeeks.com 100% biodegradable 3D Filament made from corn PLA

Disposable biodegradable 3D Filament made from corn PLA. 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

MakerGeeks.com Biodegradable 3D Filament

  • Biodegradable 100%
  • Biodegradable and environment friendly.
  • Safe for printing items that come in contact with food and skin.
  • Low melting strength, easily shaped when printing, shinning surface, bright color.
  • PLA Filament has small shrinkage even when printing big size model.
  • At MakerGeeks.com we guarantee Dimensional accuracy ± 0.1mm with laser monitor and interlock device so you can rest assured that you’ll have a smooth surface with no bumps, no breaks and no oval or out of round spots.

The MakerGeeks.com Guarantee If you aren’t happy with a PLA or ABS filament you buy from us just send it back and we’ll issue you a FULL refund; no questions asked… we want you to be happy with your purchase… bottom line!

makergeeksglowindarkCome3D! - 3D Cube Printer3D Printer Gift Pak + Duplicator 4X 3D Printer

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Clear Acrylic

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Clear Acrylic

Get Started 3D Printing Kit

Get Started 3D Printing Kit

ABS Brilliant Bronze – 1.75mm / 1KG

ABS Brilliant Bronze - 1.75mm / 1KG

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Onyx Black

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Onyx Black

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Wood Cover

Duplicator 4X | 3D Printer in Wood Cover
After Dark 3D Filament Pack (Glow in the Dark)

Single-Head Extruder Ready to Print

Single-Head Extruder Ready to Print

ABS Filament Glow in the Dark (Xtra Bright) 1.75mm / 1kg Spool

ABS Filament Glow in the Dark (Xtra Bright) 1.75mm / 1kg Spool

PET 3D Filament – 3D Printing Glass / Crystal Clear Filament

FDA Approved Filament

FDA approved 3D Printer Filament – t-glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers.  This includes cups and other liquid storage parts as well as utensils.

Wood 3D Filament

Best Prices on 3D Printing Supplies and Printers

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and to contact about custom laser cut projects with new 3D CNC machine

Laser Cut Parts

We are so excited to have a new toy in the workshop… a wonderful laser CNC machine so now we’ll be able to cut all your frames, accessories and parts right here in the shop… so blessed to be able to have such a great maker tool to share and use with all our maker buds out there. If you don’t see what you need here please email me and let me know, I’m excited to build out this section so let me know what you would like to see!!

laser cutting service USACustom Laser CNC Cutting at MakerGeeks.com

We also offer custom cutting jobs; we require a DXF (AutoCAD file) and we can cut up to 24″ x 36″ into 1/2 Wood, Acrylic, MDF, Plexiglas and plastics. We can etch/ engrave on pretty much ANY material even metal and glass.

MakerGeeks Brain Box Kit

Regular Price: $45.95
MakerGeeks Price: $15.95
Duplicator 4 Upgrade Pack - Full Acrylic Enclosure Kit

Regular Price: $199.95
MakerGeeks Price: $125.95
3D Printer Spool Holder Kit

Regular Price: $39.95
MakerGeeks Price: $9.95
Prusa i3 Frame Kit - Laser Cut

Regular Price: $99.95
MakerGeeks Price: $79.95
NEMA 17 Stepper Gaskets (4 Pack)

Regular Price: $9.95
MakerGeeks Price: $1.95
J-Head Mounting Plate - Groove Mount Plate

Regular Price: $5.95
MakerGeeks Price: $1.95
Laser Cut Arduino + RAMPS Box

Regular Price: $49.95
MakerGeeks Price: $9.95
Eco-Friendly 3D Printing Filament Spool - Birch Wood Spool

Regular Price: $19.95
MakerGeeks Price: $12.55



3D Printing Facts, Tips, Tricks & Other Bottom of the Page Nuggets
from MakerGeeks.com

What Temperature to 3D Print your Filament at?

While each 3D Printer is different and you will need to play around with the temps to get the best print here are some starter temps for you; these are all temperature profiles that are verified and confirmed print temps on the MakerGeeks.com 3D Printers (9 different machines from pre-built D3 and D4 to our own DIY custom Reprap printers) with the actual filament we sell to youso they will get you 99% of the way there!

195c – 210c
210c – 215c
230c – 235c

175c – Smooth
210c – Rough

165c (light colored wood)
210c (very dark colored wood)

How do I get my filament to stick and STAY stuck?

This one is a multi-faceted answer but here are the basics:

  1. Your print bed has to be level!! I mean, spend some time on this one… if it isn’t level like a… well… like something that’s really level – then your print won’t stick and it won’t come out looking right.
  2. Next… CLEAN, CLEAN, then RE CLEAN, have a sandwich and a soda-pop and then CLEAN again… use acetone and a lint free towel to make sure your print surface is clean and free from oils and dirt.
  3. If you are having a hard time printing on glass try using some Kapton tape as that will give you a little better stick
  4. If you have a heated print surface… TURN IT ON!! Even when the filament used might not call for it, I always turn on my heat bed (who doesn’t like a warm bed!!); even if it’s just 40c it will really help. For PLA normally you’ll want about 60c and for ABS you’ll want 110c
  5. For ABS 3D Printing room temperature really matters… you need to keep your entire build warm; so if you can’t print out in a warm room try putting a box over the printer to keep that build area as warm as possible.
  6. Try making “ABS Juice” – just add some scrap ABS filament to a bottle of acetone and let it dissolve and then use that to clean your print surface as normal; the dissolved ABS will give your printer extra STICK OR you can use “Aqua-Net Super Hold” hair spray (must be this brand to work right)… just clean your board as always and then lightly spray the Aqua-Net on the print board and print away (this method is my favorite as it seems to work best for me!)
  7. KEEP trying!! You’ll get it and once you do have it dialed in then you have it forever… each printer is different; make sure you make notes of what works and what doesn’t for each filament you use and each printer you have. So, in the future when you want to print out that EPIC “Yogi Bear” figurine in MakerGeeks.com Blue you know what to set up your GCODE for.

What is the main differences between PLA and ABS 3D Printer Filament?

The main difference between PLA filament and ABS filament is that ABS is produced from fossil fuels and PLA is derived from biological resources, which makes PLA plastic biodegradable. When it comes to 3D printing the key differences between ABS and PLA are:

  • PLA is a rigid liquid and ABS is a crystallized liquid, meaning that when heated ABS transits slowly from a gel to liquid and PLA transits direct from solid to liquid.
  • ABS is more flexible and PLA is more solid, meaning when stressed PLA will snap sooner.
  • PLA is more glossy looking consumable than ABS (see photos when selecting your material).�

Wow, you have a 1kg spool of filament… SO What! How much actual filament is that??

Big question of the day is… how long is a spool of 3D Printing Filament!? Hummmmm, I think even Blinky the wise old MakerGeeks.com owl might have a hard time with that question but never fear… we have the answer!!

1/kg Spool

PLA 1.75mm

PLA 3mm

ABS 1.75mm

ABS 3mm





… and what does that mean to me and you!! Well, check this out… if you are printing with 3.00mm filament for a iPhone case you need about 2,700mm of filament; for a EPIC Starship Enterprize Model you’ll need about 12,000mm of 3D Filament and for a full Kossel 3D Printer Kit we normally use about 50,000mm of filament. Another way to look at it according to MakerBot is that 1 spool of 3D Filament produces about 392 full sized chess pieces. Whoa… that’s a lot of chess!!



INTER (2MIN EDIT) from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

Markus Kayser – Sun Cutter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

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