Don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect given a death but politically speaking it is far better that McCain is OUT of politics for good.
It has been long been known that he needed to be put out to pasture.
He was a warmonger like Hillary.
He represented the special interests of war and war profiteering. Look at his voting record. He existed because of the special interest of war and war profiteering, two problems that plague this nation, both examples of corruption and rampant fraud and outright pilfering of the coffers of the United States, that which has saddled this nation in 20 trillion in debt, with 1.1 billion a day going to interest alone.
Beside being a psychopath warmonger like Queen Hillary, he supported Al Qaeda and met with them in Syria, if you even believe any of this boogie man theory at all, all that amounts to nothing more than a geopolitical nightmare.
Besides being a warmonger he was practically a Democrat, and for that it was an embarrassment for the limp GOP.
I won’t touch on “war hero” status.
But he was weak on the issue when someone raised questions about the USS Liberty, that’s right.
He spoke to “Henry” on a first name basis, warmonger war criminal Henry Kissinger, but I guess it takes a warmonger to know one on a first name basis.
He called Americans protesting War Criminal Kissinger “low life scum”, so I guess it’s ok to say whatever is on my mind here as well despite the man being gone.
But it just as well that he gone from US Politics for good, as he should have been gone a very long time ago. Just like we need 99% of the other enemies of America to leave permanently as well, as the world would be a better place.
There won’t be any praise for any of these politicians, not in their time on this planet or after they are gone. The world would be a better place if 99% of them left politics for good as well.
McCain, like Hillary, represented everything terribly wrong with US Politics and Economics in general, that of warmongering on a psychotic scale, elitism, and outright corruption top to bottom.
And then there was the Keating 5. What does that say about this man’s ethics alone? And he was allowed to be a Senator? Are you serious? This represents every point I am trying to make in this post. And people praise this? Are you serious?
What a joke it was for the GOP to run this guy as President only to get his ass handed to himself by of all people Obama. But this is telling of the pathetic GOP as well.
Who are the group thinkers that vote for these sort of people or fall for such a 2 Party Failure of a system?
Politically speaking, you won’t be hearing any praise from me given the time in office or the voting record in general or what he pushed for in Syria alone, and who he supported there. I just wonder who his war profiteer friends were that profited off the US Taxpayers for years?

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