The Global Utopian Kingdom

I met the author while relocating to Arizona. I had to go to the library often as I was “offline” in the process. I discussed a vision many of us share in making the world a better place. And that’s a good place to start.
In the process I was glad to point out how to create a website and gave him the tools to be self sufficient, and in return the author made a point of discussing his vision for the Global Utopian Kingdom.
Just as I had read Sir Thomas Moore, Utopia, I was willing to read this book. I for one used to be much more of an idealist and in many ways I still am. Like Utopia is literary art and a good read, and will be for centuries, I enjoyed the idealism of The Global Utopian Kingdom. The author’s style was one I appreciated in terms of philosophical analysis of society but also the broad context and overall formal writing style. For this I thought the book was well written. I would recommend this book like I would recommend many literary scholars or philosophers, that is if you are willing to take the time to learn classic literature and take the time to read.
The book didn’t take but a couple of hours to read to soak in the message.
For example, the first thing the author wants to do is end hunger. What a noble cause. Please see
This book is very Utopian. The message is strong. And the message is well taken.
To the extent that I too wish to leave this planet a better place – for future generations, it is nice to see others accomplish and develop their writing skills, but to actually author and public a book, now sold on Amazon of all places, and to believe in their message that they would take the time to publish that book is an awesome feat and I would recommend picking up a copy or several to remind yourself and others of the importance of idealism and this author’s vision for the kingdom. may push for decentralization and technology to enhance worldwide freedom, yet promotes self sufficiency and self determination – and to defend tooth and nail the individual and inherit rights, but I agree on many issues raised in this book. For example, it is key to understand the virtues and ethics in general. I don’t think people understand the overall importance, but that is a focal point of this book and overall thesis in the author’s vision.
Like Sir Thomas Moore’s fictional book, Utopia, I enjoyed the vision of Utopia in idealistic terms. Can it ever exist? Is it fair to compare Utopia and The Global Utopian Kingdom? Read the book and find out for yourself.
Like many things in Utopia, I realize it would be impossible and this is why it is Utopia. And for that I was left that it would be difficult to achieve The Global Utopian Kingdom because it seems impossible given human nature, corruption, and governance and ideological odds.
While this site may be anti war, there is a just cause and the right to self defense and that shall not be infringed. For this matter, the Bill of Rights shall not be infringed and it would be hard pressed to accept globalism under any circumstances, however individual liberty is a part of The Global United Kingdom, as is liberty, justice, peace and prosperity.
Being a huge fan of Ron Paul this message of liberty, justice, peace, and prosperity resonated with me; and for this freedom lovers may wish to consider this message. Even Ron Paul’s message is very Utopian and it seems it would be difficult to achieve but the fact remains that we can strive to believe in what we wish to believe in and work to leave it a better place to preserve liberty, peace, and prosperity. But be it realism, idealism, individual liberty, or a global vision, we should consider alternative universes and solutions to worldly problems and strive for no more wars, end hunger, and consider the vision of the Global Utopian Kingdom, but it is how we get there.
But in this book review, I will say it is worth picking up some copies and considering the virtues and ethics necessary to create a better place, or kingdom as the author eludes and consider the idealism to end hunger, homelessness, and wars. has gone out to over 206 countries worldwide. I ask for 206 countries and book stores, be it distributors or independent bookstores, to pick up some copies of this book via Amazon or direct from the author. I would ask you purchase some copies and in fact consider asking if you can use your crypto stack to purchase them to further the reality of how we get to that better place or consider getting there, and perhaps it starts with buying the book with Bitcoin or other alternative currencies. Perhaps we utilize the best of alternative methodologies and blockchain technology to advance authorship, arts, and humanity in general. After all, isn’t that what this technology can and should be used for? Should it not be used to end hunger and end wars and end the usury of global banksterism? And for this, I kindly ask you to purchase the book and give it a read, consider the message, and review it yourself.

I leave you with Part 1

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