Tucson, Arizona Ethereum Ecosystem

There isn’t much fishing going on in Tucson, Arizona. But there is the need for fishermen. Perhaps it’s time to introduce the Tucson, Arizona Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative.
While there may not be a great deal of fishing in the desert, the desert offers an incredible ecosystem.
Natural Law is all around. We are part of that nature and we have the unique ability to build a better system, in accordance with the laws of nature.
Enter in Polkadot.
While the ecosystem in Tucson is unique, the costs of living are much lower, and this has it’s advantages including a work / life balance.
While a Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative may sound abstract to many, it all starts with one person, a hook, and a line. This can work itself into a cooperative, a network, and network validation.

While some people are content eating fish for a day, others are content in teaching others how to fish in order to eat for a lifetime.
And it is for this reason there is a unique opportunity to drive economic impact with the unique state of nature Tucson, Arizona offers.
Not only is it possible to attract real jobs, it is possible to forge a complete Ethereum Ecosystem.
Open to the public is the Tucson Ethereum Ecosystem, complete with eco-tours that are custom made for the individual, the family, or the team. Be it mountain biking, hiking, or eco-tourism in general, all things are possible with blockchain technology. Eco tourism is now available for Ethereum in Tucson, Arizona.
Tucson will become a technology hub for Ethereum and many blockchains, but it has to start somewhere and why not with Ethereum.
Polkadot Network (https://polkadot.network/) is a part of this ecosystem and according to their site:
“What is it?
Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi‑chain technology.

It consists of many parachains with potentially differing characteristics which can make it easier to achieve anonymity or formal verification. Transactions can be spread out across the chains, allowing many more to be processed in the same period of time. Polkadot ensures that each of these blockchains remains secure and that any dealings between them are faithfully executed. Specialised parachains called bridges can be created to link independent chains.”

So it is independent and yet immutable. And it is highly technical, giving rise to a brand new learning curve in Tucson. We can build it out, validate it, and we can build bridges. This is the vision of the Tucson, Arizona Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative.

We can bring awareness to this space. We can pick off business from abroad, be it San Francisco, New York, Seattle, London, or wherever there is traffic jams, bottlenecks, and high costs. Tucson can do it cheaper and smarter. We can bring jobs and attract teams of blockchain experts and coders, permanently or for coding eco-tours. Of course the teams will need a place to be housed but with the work / life balance that Tucson offers, hiking, biking, site seeing, wildlife photography, or eating Mexican food or bar hopping are all possibilities on a short term basis. This is the opportunity as a technology hub.

While nobody owns the sun, there is plenty of it in Tucson, Arizona, and it is possible to build infrastructure in accordance with the laws of nature, and build out blockchain based renewable systems, particularly solar.

Tucson may not be for everybody; temperatures can get to 110 to 120 degrees during the summer. But this is a place to visit and to come with your team, be it in extreme temperatures or in the winter. It’s just that survival mode is just a part of the natural order. Just be prepared for the extreme heat and drink plenty of water. Teams can’t merely hit all the microbreweries, bars, and restaurants this town offers. Want to attend a blockchain tradeshow? Need reservations for your team? All things are possible with Ethereum.

But there is immediate opportunity on an individual basis to get involved or a long term opportunity to build out the Tucson Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative and lead by example. Be it the individual or the cooperative, this very methodology offers governance models and validation required to run the entire network.

Coding jobs are but one aspect, and this is part of smart development; the immediate need is for coding in order to build smart city applications that will include solar, mining, and blockchain validation. This goes far beyond a “cryptocurrency” or blockchain, but it incorporates all of nature and all of natural law.

Teaching others and bringing the fishermen up to speed is part of the apprenticeship, but it cannot be done alone. In order to maintain and create an environmental footprint that does not tread on the ecosystem, remote opportunities are available via the technology we have today, like ZOOM. However it is good to get out in the state of nature to explore the ecosystem but to network about network validation and drive that apprenticeship and to grow the Tucson Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative.

Don’t know where to start? Want to help steer this ship? Tucson, the ocean is vast. Innovation is here and with proper instruction, incubation, and support, we can create an enormous financial and tech center, and grow in the smartest of ways to become the largest fisherman’s cooperative any port has ever seen.

This will start with the individual, the personal drive and quest for self learning and initiative. But through this apprenticeship, it will become as meaningful as a complete black belt system. It is this sovereign identity that Tucson can participate if not lead, and in so doing work as a team, as a community, and drive commerce and independence, in life and on the blockchain – with absolute integrity and good actors to further the apprenticeship, the cooperative, and absolute individual freedom.

Of course it can’t be all coding, but work / life balance. Eco-tours are now available by the hike, by the eco-tour, or by the complete package, complete with accommodations. This is all possible for Ethereum. If your blockchain team wishes to participate in this unique ecosystem, let’s do it. If you wish to find that sovereign identity or to create opportunity for future generations versus what has been seen, run, don’t walk, and let’s make this happen.

Support the Tucson Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative

This is the immediate opportunity for apprenticeship and learning, however we need bridge builders too. And that is where smart city development comes into play, along with the need for many networks and many blockchain teams, coders, and new apprenticeship programs. Economic impact and innovation is what Tucson will offer to blockchain and to all things in nature. This is what smart development will be and where it will happen.

If you are ready for a meetup, be it remotely, or in person, like next to the Farmer’s Market, or ready for a complete eco-tour for you or your team, let’s talk. All things are negotiable and possible. That’s the opportunity. Time is money, so let’s support the network and work smart. The meetup is the appropriate venue for free or a nominal cost to support the business or establishment, not me. But beyond that, the sovereign identity or cooperative needs funding, like any free person or cooperative, so name your price and your contribution will allow further network affect, that of driving the Tucson Polkadot Fisherman’s Cooperative and the complete ecosystem that is coming to town.

Sponsors are welcome and needed, and that goes for any blockchain project that wants to build this ecosystem and help lead by example. We need to bridge this. Let’s negotiate this opportunity.

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