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Why Speedcoin ?

Speedcoin is a secure digital currency based on peer-to-peer system (similar to BitTorrent) that help people to make fast anonymous payments to anyone in the world without any commissions. It is based on the scrypt proof-of-work algorithm. New blocks are generated every 60 seconds. Block Reward is 25 coins. Difficulty is retargeted after each block using the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm (KGW).

Speedcoin is a lite version of Bitcoin (How it works video) with pre-mined coins. The pre-mined coins are distributed free of charge through this official website page.

The main problem with any cryptocurrency is that it does not spread widely amongst Internet users because new crypto coins are mined by not many people (usually a few hundreds only) who well understand computers technology and have special equipment so that ordinary Internet users cannot mine new coins and must to buy it.

The main idea behind Speedcoin is different. It is to evenly distribute pre-mined Speedcoins amongst millions of world internet users (with the user only needing to have a Facebook account) through an open clear process.

Please read David Parker (Director of CCN) analytical article about Speedcoin on CryptocoinsNews.com »

Internet users after can spend their Speedcoins as they want. Speedcoin currency is Bitcoin cryptocurrency fork and it has full security and is as anonymous as Bitcoin but does the same only ten times faster.

If you are Web Developer / have own Website, please read Speedcoin for Developers

How do you get the new Speedcoins?

It’s actually pretty simple. You have several choices –

Get 1,000 Speedcoins for Free as new user.

Join our affiliate program and get 500 speedcoins as rewards for each new user who downloads a Speedcoin wallet and starts to use it.

Your third choice is to mine new speedcoins on mining pools. Read here

And other way is to buy new Speedcoins on exchange markets for Bitcoins.

How do I get a Wallet address?

Speedcoin Wallet – It’s rather like an online bank account, but even simpler to use.

A Speedcoin Wallet Address is a unique identifier which allows you to receive Speedcoins. With PayPal you send funds to an email address, and similarly with Speedcoin you send funds to a Speedcoin address. For example, this is one of Speedcoin addresses: SbJtSLn5C6NsuBqfYPTfZ3rGD7idcfRXM5

Please verify that you have copied the destination address exactly before sending Speedcoins to it. Speedcoin transactions are not reversible!

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