DNC Party Platform FRAUD at Washington State and Federal Taxpayers Expense


I am not going to make any claims I cannot support here at BitcoinMacroeconomics.com, no. But I certainly will question everything, and that includes the local lapdog media that protects the corruption and yet censors me from the comment section because they protect the criminals in government, and that ties to the DNC Party Platform.
I won’t make any claims I cannot support. But I will question land scams and non profits, especially if it includes one dime of tax money on a local level, county level, state level, or federal level. Know why? These people are unaccountable with public funds and everything must be questioned.
I question the hillside that the very Snohomish County Courthouse sits on, I question ponzi schemes and shell games with public funds. I question 6 properties seized by government, only to abandon the reason they stole the 6 properties, and again, I question that hill.
I question the conflict of interest, namely real estate scams and pay to play scams with taxpayers money going to storefront shell games (non profits).
I question addresses like 1509.
I question why some non profits have more County employees working at the non profits than actual non profit employees, and yet the taxpayers are paying to “house” the county employees.
Again, I question why local lapdog media like the Herald would censor my comments, that question all of this, but in a way that presented facts, but they chose to censor those facts. Yes, I question this lapdog media, because they suck.
I question federal grant money for human trafficking as it trickles into the local party platform. I question if Planned Parenthood is not subject to public scrutiny by hiding behind non profits that “believe” they are not subject to FOIA or RCW 42.56 (public records laws).
I question if people are using public funds to game the system with a real estate development scandal at that hill in Everett, WA, that would include those 6 properties taken by way of law of eminent domain.
I would also question Compass Health, and other property owners like Dawson’s Place, as it relates to public funds, around that hill. I would question the shell game of public funds and the store fronts these shell games have become with public funds.
I again would question a lapdog media that censors facts from the public comment section.
I would question if they are protecting the DNC National Fraud and the local Party Platform of lie, cheat, and steal, but say it’s all about the children.
But BitcoinMacroeconomics.com would certainly question if there is any fraud going on with public funds as it relates to non profits, local real estate owners, or those with a conflict of interest, namely a developed city center in years to come after they ran Tweakerville into the ground, but I question if the taxpayers will bury their heads in the sand as others use Federal money, state money, and local money to buy it all back and pay back those that helped in the non profit shell games at taxpayers expense.
But this site does no make claims it cannot back up.
But this site has reason to question it all. Wonder what that reason could be?
Well you know what? Questioning authority is good enough, for if we do not, this is what we get. And this is what we deserve.
We deserve the penalties that will be rewarded via RCW 42.56 violations. Then again, we have every right to know where every dime of our tax money is going.
And this site questions the non profits and those that are gaming the system for the corrupt DNC party platform, and masking the expenditures that are in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and paid for via public funds.
This site questions if this is the definition of Patron-Clientelism.
And this site doesn’t have to put up with the shitty local lapdog censoring me either.

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