Top Crypto Picks December 2017: Bitsend, Bitcore BTX,, BitcoinCash
While you may be thrilled if you bought Ripple recently, not everybody bought it and nor does everybody go chasing after it. And that’s ok. There are thousands to pick, all which seem to give returns like Wall Street could only wish for.
Merry Christmas 2017 Wild West!
Top picks for December 2017 as follows:

BitSend: There are a lot of scammy Airdrops these days, but Bitsend had probably THE best airdrop of all time, and it still goes on, weekly, and still will airdrop for over another year. BitSend mastered circulation. Then the coin went with darksend features. Then Bitcoin came roaring and it took center stage.In many regards Bitcoin enhanced the market and prices, but it caused a reset. I think that’s the case with Bitsend. The price has tumbled to the point that this coin will come back strong. One of the best performing coins in all of 2017, this coin sees enormous spikes. If you set sell too low, you miss out. If you aren’t paying attention, you miss out. This one is a strong runner. Given the price today, this one will run hard and finish strong. It always does. Expect 50% return and beyond. Be on look out for 120% spike.
Current Price BSD: 0.00006883

BTX Bitcore – Brought to you by the same team as Bitsend. What is interesting about this coin that has been out since April 2017, so it is relatively new given the wave of new coins. This coin comes Segwit ready out of the box, while Bitcoin and BitcoinCash argue over which is the real Bitcoin, Bitcore BTX offered (offers) a claiming service that if you hold Bitcoin at a certain snapshot in time, you can claim BTX. So first off, did you claim your BTX if you had Bitcoin in your wallet? If not get on it. Secondly, Bitcore is offering 4% Airdrop EVERY Monday in December. Then it goes to 5% Airdrop EVERY Monday in January. Then 6% in February, etc, and the airdrops continue until that funding dries up. The price has been rocked since Bitcoin went on a tear. People pulled out on Bitcore BTX with returns found in Bitcoin, but the price is beaten back making this one a strong buy. Expect returns with a correction in price and do the math on compounded interest of 4%, 5%, and 6% Airdrops EVERY Monday. Pick your flavor, 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 BTX. Crunch the numbers on 4%. That’s your payday EVERY Monday. This is why you should buy some. Finance a SuperBowl Party, a UFC party, pay off debt with this, or start a charity fund with the people in the office. Do something with the 4%, 5%, or 6%. Or better yet, use that to add to your stack of other cryptos, or stack more BTX. This coin will turn around in price. Reason: Value. Target: $54 by February 1, 2018
Current Price BTX: 0.00108010 or $19.18 each USD – Spectre released their tokens and token holders have a 28 day period to pick the allocation of the two.
For a brief understanding of the process, please see: So as you can see token holders can convert to either SXU (Utility for trading token) or SXD (Dividend for token holders). Two ways to play here as there are two tokens. I heard yesterday that these tokens are trading on EtherDelta already. I asked if price was higher than ICO price and word came back yes. That’s a good sign. is a strong pick given the overall model and the solutions inherent in the token platform. While it may be a stretch to expect returns this early in the game, it’s still a strong buy and top of the list for December 2017 easy.

BitcoinCash – November was a crazy month. BitcoinCash has a long way to run and it will. I’m BOLD on BitcoinCash. I shake my head with Bitcoin transaction fees. I’ve had long delays and missed opportunities. The opportunity cost is enormous. And Bitcoin has competition and Roger Ver is on a mission. I’ll put money on that. Strong Buy.
Current Price BCH: 0.09684760 or $1,737.83 each. Target $2,500 by New Year’s Eve.

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