eBTC goes to the moon – the new ERC20 Bitcoin

eBTC literally makes it to the moon with it’s initial launch with their platform. At one point I saw a 589% increase in price!
For those of you that have not heard about eBTC, you had an equal opportunity to pick up the airdrop with a simple sign up of an email and an ethereum address (not an exchange address, but MEW, or Parity.io, etc). It was easy.
I got 2,457 eBTC, per address. Yes.
It was equal opportunity and the rules did not block and nor did the team plan on blocking people or multiple sign ups, so in that regard, I signed up 3 times. So I got 2,457 eBTC x 3. Then it skyrocketed to over 500%.


eBTC is a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain

What a debut, and thank you very much for the generous airdrop! And also thank you for letting me sign up multiple times! Sincerely. And best of success with the project!

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