Simple Rules of Bitcoin Macroeconomics

With the advent of the “smart contract” it is also important to realize our own personal contracts of social contracts. Bitcoin Macroeconomics has arrived at some simple rules that will be followed.

1. NEVER give out cryptocurrency.
I talked to a guy that gave out about 15 Bitcoin when they weren’t worth very much. He gave them to 2 people. One person got like 10 and lost them all, lost them from his computer, never to be seen again. The other person got like 5 or 7 he said and sold them each for $150 a piece, and now Bitcoin is a little under $4,000. Lesson learned, people don’t value things unless they earned it. Let them earn it.
I tried getting some people involved in cryptocurrency and realized it was a complete waste of time. They like their hand held devices, they like playing video games, they don’t like to think. Maybe they are busy, but I’m done trying to point out the opportunities and the chance to learn new technology.
I won’t even give out 5 Dogecoin anymore. If people can’t figure out how to send and receive Dogecoin or at least what a Doge meme is, I can’t help them.

2. Exception to Rule #1
I’ll buy cryptocurrency as a gift for others, but it doesn’t come out of my wallets. When it comes to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a gift to a family member, I’ll opt to get them crypto. One, it doesn’t fund the government and their waste, fraud, debt or wars. It doesn’t go to be wasted on “education”. I don’t waste 10.1% right off the bat for nothing. People can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Even though I’ve gotten a few gifts for people over the years, they are clueless and guess who had to do the legwork? Me. The DAO tokens, I had to deal with multiple accounts because others were pretty much lazy or clueless. So beware of even giving out cryptocurrency. If someone can lose 10 Bitcoin, beware.

3. Do NOT help NOOBS
We’ve all been there. We’ve all had to ask dumb questions. And as a result we have all at one point maybe been in the way, but we had to learn. We had to know where to get the information, had to know where to go to formulate the question and who to trust. Some stuff you just have to know how to use Google or search terms specific to your question (maybe even the exact question you use in search). But we have also seen the baffling tweets from MEW from the irrate NOOBS that aren’t getting their level of customer support from MEW! And it’s hilarious stuff!
But NOOBS are a drain. I’ve seen countless times NOOBS just getting in the way. Every now and again someone has a question, and it’s a simple answer, that’s different. At least the person formulated the question, went to a slack channel or forum and asked. That’s worthy of giving a answer. That’s easy. What isn’t easy is wasting time or being the training wheels for those that do not do their due diligence or even try to research it. But when you add it up, NOOBS waste countless hours. For that I’m done even trying to help NOOBS.
I have
and while it is not the best site, it does have content for true beginners on up to advanced level stuff. The work is there, a considerable amount of time, and it is there for the benefit of others. It’s thankless job, and I have rarely received so much as donation, but it is there to help others, while being he hardest hitting crypto site in the universe.
So much wasting time and talking in cryptoeconomy and talk is cheap. But time is money. Use your time wisely. I’ve ran into bottlenecks in projects, I’ve been bitscammed, I’ve given sound advice to others only to get responses for more trading information. So much time wasted, that if it’s not profitable, it’s a loss.
These are not only general rules and social contracts to oneself, but also one’s personal responsibility to oneself.
Don’t let others that don’t know what they are talking about drain you of your time and energy. Spend that time focused on other projects or those projects or things that are profitable.
The results are the same; people fail to do their own homework or due diligence. It will waste your time. And people will still lose their Bitcoin. Some may even blame you, like they blame MEW all the time! So let them figure it out on their own! If people want to learn it they will and there is ample information available to help the next early adopter. But they have to learn it and they have to earn it. It’s that simple.

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  1. Maurot
    October 2, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I agree with everything you said!

    Are you going to create the new btcmacroeconomics token?

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