Internet of People – Region 1 Recruitment

This is the calm before the storm at Internet of People. It’s exciting in that some of us staked our claim on mining rights that come with some conditional agreements. That takes the edge off the legalese of mining “licenses”.
I proposed the chapters of the world to join if they like in taking part in a recruitment campaign for the IOP Mining Chapters and asked if those that wish to participate care to ante up 5 IOP to go the winner, and each chapter has a vote, perhaps to encourage others and perhaps to actually get others to join the IOP Mining Chapters.
The purpose is to describe what chapter envisions for their IOP Chapter.
I claimed the Region 1 (USA) (aka Hard Rockin IOP Miners) and this is so early stage, nobody has joined.
This is an interesting project for me, because over the years, I’ve lost more and more faith in humanity for various reasons, it was not one certain event, but several, but when it came down to important decisions, it was the people that screwed up and their institutions, so I have come to realize that if humans just screw it up, then some can fix it. It’s the opportunity to build competing methodologies and systems and that is the essence for me, not just a buzz word of decentralization, but an offshoot of competing methodologies and currencies and alternative living. And with freedom comes responsibility.
I envision the Region 1 IOP USA Mining Chapter to be a place where free people come, with free access to do what they want, as long as they are responsible and lock up when they are done. The chapter is not taking on liability; the chapter is taking on the issue of corruption.
I never grew up in an era where I had a Moose Lodge, an Elk Lodge, or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). I hope to use the technology and create a chapter to organize and strategize with others to create the most ethical and profitable venture under the sun with what we create. The use cases and announcements will come.
IOP is merging with Libertaria, and yet there is not a lot of organization at the moment, or at least no need for organzation at this time. I have been active in some circles and have experienced the group think or the mentality “I do more than you do” and that’s when the efforts get old and stagnant. I hope to make this profitable based on the efforts, ethics, business use cases, and technology. And of course this involves mining.
So far, I am mining but am hardly effective yet trying to pay attention. I may not have even mined block, but I’ll work the claim.
It just so happens to be that I want to create remote meetups to include far outlying communities and not centralize meetings in some city center, that is the last thing I want to be a part of. I’d like to encourage others to join the Region 1 Mining Chapter and to organize in order to meet up and strategize and onboard. While I may not be for government or the corruption that it brings, or war and debt, or a brainwashed society that goes along with it, I do believe governance should be arrived at to avoid dictatorship or some despot.
But for now I’m just looking to creating a chapter that will offer state of the art technology, a good vibe, no vibe if that’s how you roll, and participation at will, yet a system and methodology that will work this claim and be very profitable. I hope to use this chapter to educate others, lead by example, learn as we go, and pick off business from those that deserve to lose market share, and literally target them as long as it is ethical and profitable. For that we need some thrill seekers and miners.
And I hope to make this so profitable for Region 1 that we establish criteria for expenses paid to IOP meeting in Mexico, or raise enough via mining that we send a delegation to eat, drink, and scuba with other Internet of People miners and enthusiasts in a year.
Time will tell, as will sign ups, as will business announcements.

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