BTCMACROECON (BME) tokens traded on Decentrex, Oasis, and Etherdelta — Giveaway with proof of trading


The above address is the smart contract for BTCMACROECON tokens, the official token for has been in operation since early 2014 and is packed with content. I may reminded that the site isn’t the best looking, and I agree. But the nature of this site is all work in progress and a great deal of educational material as it relates to the cryptoeconomy. It has been a place that I have learned and a place I use as a chronology (I use the search often). One of my accomplishments is having hits from over 190 countries worldwide. It’s exciting to see Bitcoin and Alt Coins grow!

BTCMACROECON tokens are an Ethereum powered ERC-20 token. If you have a account, or (where it is registered officially), or MIST, you have a place to keep the tokens.

The symbol is BME but it started out as BMC, but the change is acceptable per the standard of ERC-20.
Ethereum Account 0xf77089f2f00fca83501705b711cbb10a0de77628 Info

There are 8 decimals in the coin. But if you set up the token as a custom token in MEW, use 0 to get the balance to show up correctly.

This coin goes along with the educational process that exemplifies daily. It is the perfect coin to learn how an Ethereum token works. It is perfect to learn how to trade at Decentrex, Oasis, and even EtherDelta. All you have to do is input the smart contract 0xf77089f2F00fca83501705b711Cbb10a0De77628 and get the decimal right (check MEW to get your balance correct). eth and go all the way down to the bottom and click other to start this journey) Hint: AMIS / BTCMACROECON is a trading pair. (click eth and scroll down to other and input the smart contract for BTCMACROECON) and get the decimal right.

Reminder: BTCMACROECON is officially registered on at and the balance shows up correctly. At MyEtherWallet you need to input 0 to get the balance to show up correctly.

You need to use to use these 3 exchanges. Watch the video here. You also need the Chrome to get the Metamask web3 plug in. The tokens now show up which is a new feature. You have to try this!

Some say there is no value as it is just a token. Because these tokens are perfect for cutting your teeth and learning out the trading platforms, it has value in that you can test your wallets, test Ethereum, and test trading to learn how they work.

The purpose of this blog is to give 10 lucky winners 1 million BTCMACROECON tokens each. That’s right. I need to give them out to avoid any conflict of interest, so I will start now. For the first 10 people that provide their email and their Ethereum Addresses (cannot be an exchange, but must be MEW,, or MIST) I will give BTCMACROECON to them. From those 10 people, I will give them 2 days to prove they are trading tokens at Decentrex, Oasis, and EtherDelta. Upon proof via snapshot of successful trades at all 3, I will distribute 1 million BTCMACROECON tokens to that address. (I will check IP addresses in back offices, so there are NO CHEATERS!)

BTCMACROECON tokens are not listed on these exchanges, but this is perfect to learn how to trade the token and how to do it decentrally. So that is part of the challenge.

I will provide 1 million BTCMACROECON to each of the 10 if they complete it in 2 days (48 hours) with proof of an image of all three exchanges with successful trades and image big enough to prove that. If it is not completed, they are out. I may consider opening up to the next group, but that is to be determined. The goal is to educate others on how to trade and how the tokenization works, and by way of giveaway.

I would like to establish a market and need your help and hope to get listed on other exchanges if there is a will. My goal is to give the majority of them out so I am not sitting on them. I want to give them out in big blocks like this so this is part of the plan. But I need to see trades to prove it. I’ll try it with 10 million tokens to start (to 10 people).

You must provide an address (same addresses won’t count) and you must provide an email to at least qualify so I can at least verify it’s separate and not same person, or at least try.

I may offer 1 million tokens to others. But I will need to see proof of trading at these exchanges and after the first 10 million, I won’t just give them out until I see proof of trading with what I allocate. That will be determined later.

If anybody wants to help establish a market, or if others want to learn, or you just can’t get enough free crypto, perhaps you will be one of the few and the proud. Perhaps you can help others with educating them by giving them some. That’s what this is all about.

In order to qualify you need to post at BitcoinMacroeconomics in the comment section OF THIS link ->

Scroll down to the bottom in the comment section and post the required information. I will not hold your hand. If you don’t get it, the next person will. I also moderate it, so I will approve the comment. I need to see different IP addresses and need to see the pictures of proof of trading, but the first 10 will get the giveaway, and then they must prove within 48 hours that they met the requirements at Decentrex, Oasis, and EtherDelta, and upon success, I will send 1 million BTCMACROECON tokens to that address.

I may even consider giving more than 1 million BTCMACROECON to the first 10 people to encourage people to take advantage of this situation, but for now I am committing 1 million each for those that qualify.

Good luck. This may be easy for someone, this may require a team of friends to figure out how to trade at these 3 exchanges, but the tokens are up for grabs and I want to give them away. While listed at EtherDelta, I saw someone trade them for Eth and made $2,000 USD equivalent. I had hope that was my address, but it was not, but someone walked away with 2k worth of eth. You could do the same. And they can be traded with any token you establish a market with. But you need to prove it.

Minimum trade to qualify is 100 BTCMACROECON with proof of snapshot and proof order went through or I’ll wait til someone else completes the task.

I am offering a 1 million BTCMACROECON to someone that will promote this giveaway and for a month, payment at the end of 1 month from start. Contact me in the comment section in link provided (for those that want to participate in giveaway)

or scroll to bottom of list and click OTHER and input token smart contract address, name, and decimal amount.

17 comments for “BTCMACROECON (BME) tokens traded on Decentrex, Oasis, and Etherdelta — Giveaway with proof of trading

  1. August 17, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    This seems a great giveaway and peoples should grab it, the coin idea is also great. good luck dev.

  2. Jule Castillo
    August 19, 2017 at 12:35 am


    I’m in.

  3. woodman
    August 19, 2017 at 9:55 pm
  4. woodman
    August 19, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    Jule Castillo, just a reminder, you have 48 hours to meet the tasks as described from the time is timestamped (the time I provided you the BME tokens) Meet the deadline, you earn 1 million BTCMACROECON tokens, and maybe more ….effort goes a long way here. In fact, there should be a BONUS for the first to successfully do it. Hopefully you are the one right? Get em!

  5. woodman
    August 20, 2017 at 8:40 am Jule Castillo, sorry for my error (out of gas) I changed parameters to what it said and it still didn’t go through, but….I confirm here. I should have verified and waited for confirmation!!! Lesson learned.
    I paid 50,000 for giveaway, 25,000 bonus, and 25,000 for your support in bringing this error to my attention. Effort goes a long way with the learning process. It’s how we learn. We learn by doing and by mistake, but there are many other ways to learn too. Thanks for supporting the BME giveaway. Good Luck.

  6. woodman
    August 20, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Jule Castillo, you have 48 hours from time of the timestamp (confirmation) to complete the task.

  7. Yaroslav
    August 31, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    So I’m in too:D

  8. woodman
    September 3, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Maurot, Yaroslav,
    I approved your comment and know they are there. I have to get my Parity wallet to sync, sorry for the delay, hopefully I can kick this out after work or early Monday. Thanks for your participation and patience.

    I ran into an issue getting the balance correct at Decentrex, though I got it to show up correct two times! So I ran into an issue. I may look at options including creating a new token and swapping out these tokens, and this would entail adding more powerful code at that time.

    But I will continue on with the giveaway.

    • Maurot
      September 3, 2017 at 11:28 am

      Thanks! Please let us know if you create an improved token

  9. woodman
    September 4, 2017 at 10:00 am

    OK I might as well pass on what I am learning. My wallet (ethereum) required an upgrade recently. My time API is not working with current system, so I had to use a command in linux terminal to get the time to sync with network, so thus the delay, basic troubleshooting, and also gave me guff with the gas limit prior, so I am hoping when my tokens show up, that this will fix it. Sorry for the delay, just one big learning curve with this learning token known as the BTCMACROECON! Just another day in paradise!
    Hopefully this fix allows me to up the gas, it worked, then stopped allowing me. I tried sending tx two times and both got not enough gas! I tried upping it, and still threw it. So I’m also learning on this gas limit stuff! I should have these sent out soon! I’ll post the Tx for you two when done.

  10. woodman
    September 4, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Maurot, here is your transaction (edit per request of Maurot) it went through! Yah I had to do the upgrade and fix something….It then fixed the gas limit, at least it appeared to go from stock 21000 to 61000 plus but at least Im not wasting gas trying. I sent 110,000 btcmacroecon to play around with and for your interest and for slight delay. Again, can look at a swap later in this big learning lesson.

  11. woodman
    September 4, 2017 at 10:24 am Yaroslav, here is your Tx receipt. 110,000 BME sent. Thanks for patience with delay.
    Try it out, try to get a few trades on EtherDelta at least. I got the balance correct there before but should work if you use the right decimal to get the balance to show up correct in your account. I’ve identified a problem with the token balance that needs to be fixed, probably with a swap to new contract. I’ll keep tabs of you guys if I go that direction and appreciate you for your interest in learning and in learning tokenization. Good way to learn how some decentralized trading sites work for a few cents and free tokens. I had issue with decentrex with token, now while I got balance to show up 2x, I couldn’t replicate the correct balance for some reason. That’s where I can’t waste people’s time with trading or the token if that is the issue. The decimal was set incorrect originally in contract. The balance shows up correct in Parity, I can get balance to show up correct at MEW with right decimal point. But I think I need to swap the tokens out and plan on creating more to continue this incredible learning journey.
    I hope you take away something from this giveaway. I’ll work on improvement, my own skills, and will work on valuation in time with what I learn. Hopefully others see the benefit of what this project is trying, even if it fails, I will learn.

  12. Maurot
    September 8, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    I’m useless, I couldn’t trade.

    • woodman
      September 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      Maurot, thanks for playing. Let me know if you have any interest in creating a new token. Maybe we take the learning curve to new battle grounds? Can look at swapping these tokens out to more powerful code if any interest in that learning lesson. If I act on that, I’ll circle back here and send out for proof of interest in Bitcoin Macroeconomics!

      • Maurot
        September 13, 2017 at 2:46 pm

        Sure, that would be great!

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