The official token of can be traded on Decentrex and Oasis. I can show you how if you ask in the comment section. You need the smart contract for BTCMACROECON to trade it there or OASIS only. You could also trade it at EtherDelta.
I want to give the majority of these tokens out and want to give them out in blocks but need some supporters to prove to me they are trading before I just give them out. I’m willing to listen to proposals or ideas but I just want results, but I won’t give them out in any volume but will reward those that prove they are trading them, and not dumping them.
Consider this blog a trial and error.
BTCMACROECON tokens are perfect for learning crypto and trading. You can make a mistake with them as they are just tokens and value can come in time. This is an Ethereum powered token and you need an Ethereum wallet.
You can use MyEtherWallet or or MIST. It is officially listed at
Again these are perfect for learning and perfect for learning how to trade. My goal is to establish a market. I haven’t even traded at Decentrex as they had some problems a month ago with bugs and amounted to me just wasting gas with no orders showing up on the board, but apparently they fixed it and I’m willing to give it one shot and one shot only. I won’t waste gas like that again and try over after. But I need to get some orders on Decentrex and OASIS.

To celebrate I’m going to give some away to first 10 people with different IP addresses.

Secondary to that, I am willing to talk to others about giving away BTCMACROECON and 3 other tokens not released yet, one with the Minime token contract. I need to know how you plan on promoting and or trading. I need to see the comments in the comment section. If I like the ideas I’m willing to give it a shot to support you if you support these coins, and BTCMACROECON and, let’s get some trading going and you can trade out into ETH or whatever you want. This is a perfect way to establish a market.

You cannot use an exchange address, it must be MEW,, or MIST. To qualify send me a snapshot of your wallet so I know it’s not an exchange. Happy Trading…

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