Raw Blue Green JADE For Sale – Accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, or DASH or cash

See something you like? There are some beautiful raw pieces of jade as seen pictured. These were heavy to hall out, so we are talking over 19 to 27 pounds approximately. As seen, some blue green chromoflec jade. Great art pieces, big enough to sculpt or make spheres. Great for stands for other art work or carvings. Or they are just great specimens that will polish up very nicely.

Contact btcmacroecon@gmail.com if interested.

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It’s hard to identify jade but why it’s a challenge to find this precious gem. Jade is forever! And I think I finally found some! Plus some other cool rocks!

Approx 9.09 kgs or 20 lbs

.2476500 m x .228600 m x .1143000 m

or 9 3/4 in x 9 1/2 in x 4 1/2 in

Here’s half the fun rock hounding, finding cool rocks!

Big one pretty sure, the black one, I have a feeling it’s black jade, and the other, not so sure, maybe just an ugly rock!

Definitely honing in on Gossular Garnet!

Just other cool rocks from my favorite rockhounding spot!

The scenery from the campground.

I believe Nickelite

Happy rockhounding to all! Remember to pack out more than you pack in!

Note, the stainless steel marks on the jade? Passed the hardness test. I know it’s just one indicator. I had magnetic draw. But click image to zoom in. Shipping out of Washington state (USA). Can make arrangements to show locally.

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