Jade Hunting – Darrington WA

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Nice big piece of Grossular Garnet I think

I believe Nickelite

Here’s half the fun rock hounding, finding cool rocks!

Important reminder, rockhounding can be treacherous and dangerous. Always bring your first aid kit, although I didn’t take one because some punk stole mine off the front porch earlier in the month first thing in the morning! But this trip was a reminder, with all the slippery rocks, I had to go into the river and the rocks were really slick. I had to be really careful with steps and keep my hands down low to catch myself, if I slipped and used hand, could break something really easy. I fell at this site before and took me 5 minutes to shake it off, so be careful, and be careful if you bring kids with these important reminders. It should be fun for all, but always remember safety first. And if you use a rock hammer, ALWAYS USE EYE PROTECTION!!! And don’t smile. Cover your teeth so they don’t come back and knock them out. These are good reminders!

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