Q&A session with CryptoCoderz leading dev Jonatan Zaretsky


By Batysta

1. Any changes planned for the current roadmap?

Currently there are no changes planned to the roadmap but rather progress to be made along that roadmap. We’ve begun testing the mobile wallet this month and are still on track to release it. Next up is websites on the chain. After that it’s clean up and perfect.

2. Do you have any BIG features in the works?

Big features in the works? Yeah! We expect to demo the website on the blockchain system next month to show an overview of what to expect from the feature and the device as well as how it interacts with the rest of the system and it’s usability.

3. Any news regarding to be added on a new exchange?

A: Nothing solid yet. We’ve been working with both Livecoin and Bittrex. Regarding Bittrex, I need to hit up with them on their slack and have a chat which is what we were told this past week. We plan on doing so either this week or this weekend if the Bittrex staff is available. As for Livecoin, we’re waiting to hear back from them as we should be listed once they agree to accept the difference in btc cost vs voting.

4 . On what coin are you focusing @CryptoCoderz? Insane or espers?

The dev team is focused on all of our projects however Espers and Insane are our flagship projects and as such receive the most attention.

5. What about the Mailing System?

We haven’t forgotten about that. We actually tested a portion of it with the Insane chain and will be implementing it over the course of the next few updates.

6. Lately ESP users are concerned with not receiving stakes. I’ve heard that you might be working on a system so that it rewards lower ESP holders with more frequent stakes, could you elaborate on this please?

A: Would definitely be glad to elaborate upon the new PoS system that should roll out in a couple of weeks, what we plan to do is to have staking conducted in such a way that once a user stakes their balance their weight resets.
As a result of this not only will the larger holders will stake often, but also allows small holders to stake more often. The larger bagholders still receive due diligence while the smaller coin holders are both also going to be able to stake and receive coins instead of staring at their wallet for days waiting for it to stake.

7. I’m a dev during the day (your typical enterprise .NET dev), how can I contribute to Espers?

If you’re interested in working with us, either shoot us an email or PM. We’re not a company that is staffed but we will definitely respond to you and get in touch.

8. How do you feel about Espers as a coin? Is it your main priority because of how amazing it is? Do you see it becoming a huge coin?

Espers is honestly our primary focus. It receives the latest patches and developments even though some aren’t thoroughly tested. Of course we see Espers becoming big as we plan to have it as the backbone for everything else we have in store.

9. After going through the recent problems listed on Bittrex, I have seen that multiple double spend attacks will result in a wallet removal. How does Espers “stack up” compared to the other small coins is Espers a safer “small” coin.

Espers is definitely a safer small coin as you put it.
The reason being the long transaction verification that requires numerous confirming blocks prior to the network accepting a transaction of any kind along with velocity chain constraints and VRX Retarget System Espers is arguable one of the more advanced coins out there.

10. Any progress on removing esp from yobit?

No news from yobit yet that I’ve personally heard. Though I believe we’re just going to pay for their “swap” service and instead ask for it to be delisted as I nor the rest of the team want to deal with yobit ever again.

11. Is there really 25% stake per annum in PoS? How much will a masternode get?

Yes the calculated reward is 25% annually. Now that being said, the old method of PoSv2 isn’t stacking up to the sheer amount of users on board. As such we’ve looked at and now found an updated method of staking that addresses most of those problems.

12. Do you think that with ESP’s technology, it can reach heights of a coin such as LTC (trade wise, not price wise…. maybe)? Are you this confident in your own abilities as a developer?

I’m confident in the team’s abilities. My abilities are my own while together the team is able to make a lot more happen than I could on my own. In regards to Espers becoming big; I absolutely believe it will there’s no reason why it won’t and can’t other than sheer neglect. It has a solid idea behind it and the team is working to achieve the goal one roadmap checkpoint at a time. Even a few things that aren’t mentioned in the roadmap were created and implemented to improve the system.

13. How is the status regarding masternodes?

With the new masternodes system that is currently being developed, usage will be intuitive and easy unlike the current method. It’s still in development but on course to completion.

14. When’s the whitepaper coming out?

Good question. Next week we’ll have the white paper written up and released with a detailed list of goals and features as well as how they work and how we plan to accomplish it all.

15. Are there any plans to increase marketing?

Of course. Marketing was one of our least concerns when we first started and that is semi apparent when we look at the source code and see there are parts that are really beneficial to Espers but never have been talked about. We’ve only in the past month or two have actually begun to scratch the surface of marketing.

16. How can we, as members of the community, help support the project? Mine & invest, what do you suggest?

Mining and investing are great ways to get people involved. However something easier that doesn’t cost you a dime is tell your friends and family about it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and the more people know about the project the more can get involved and help empower growth.

17. Could you describe the vision of Espers in a few sentences. I feel like many people don’t really know where it’s exactly heading to.

To provide a system where finance, communication and data sharing can be safe, private and intuitive. To create a very secure chain with loads of addons (sites on chain, sidechains, messaging on the chain just to name a few).

18. Sorry but you said to tell friends about this project to advertise. How would you describe/explain this to someone not involved with crypto as I just got into it and furthermore to a grandmother?

I would ask your friends and family if they’re interested in a secure and private means to communicate between friends and family that’s also unobtrusive. If the answer is yes, they should definitely check out Espers.

19. Will the messaging system work on the mobile wallets?

The messaging system and staking is planned to be 100% functional with mobile wallets.

20. Is masternode still 25 mil?

Last voted upon price tag was 25 mil to run a masternode however the system isn’t finalized and things may change.

21. Can you explain what exactly the site on chain is?

Sites on chain is a feature where you’ll be able to host and access websites through a unique encrypted session allowing your browsing to remain private, your connection to the site encrypted, and the site itself to not have to rely upon being hosted on an individual server or device.

22. Have you ever made an algorithm?

We made the one Espers operates.

23. I think people would be excited to hear more about the vision and uses for sidechaining, if you wanted to share more about that?

Well with sidechains we plan to go at it a little differently than Ethereum for instance. The plan is to have each chain support one another in workload and data management. For instance Espers will interface with Insane and transfer messages and website data but the respective chains will leave their financial (coin) data to themselves.

24. What is going to be the staking % on a masternode and is there an estimate on when they’ll be implemented.

Masternodes are planned for this year. By the end of this year to be a little more exact. The payout has not yet been determined. The core function is currently what’s being worked on.

Main Website: https://espers.io
Blog: https://blog.espers.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EspersCoin
Facebook: https://fb.com/EspersCoin
Telegram: https://t.me/EspersCoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/hhYP8yT
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/-ESPERS-/
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1434700.0
CoinMarketCap: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/espers/#markets

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