Less than 20 Hours for FunFair.io ICO — Get Ready Now…STRONG BUY…powered by Ethereum

I was set to buy Status.im ICO. I had to go get a VPN to make it work. Got that set up check. I realized I had to sync my Parity.io wallet as I wanted to send my coins from Exodus.io to Parity.io so the coins showed up automatically. Syncing took it’s time but I had plenty of time so I thought.

2 days this week I had problems with internet being dead in the water. This meant my wallet never did sync all the say, and then the ICO sold out for Status.im

Not real happy about it! But now I have more to throw into FunFair.io ICO that’s less than 20 hours away.

Now I am up and running. I can get my Parity.io wallet to sync. I am still behind in the blocks and it’s not WARP speed man! But I do this now, if not I have www.MYETHERWALLET.com as backup. I just was trying to get sync and use Parity, but once I sent my Ether back to Parity, I couldn’t send that back to MEW! Now I realize a backup plan.

I didn’t want to use MEW because though I can set up a custom token, when one clears the cache of Web3 client side browser, you lose the settings for the custom token, and while it’s still there, it won’t show in the MEW wallet, so as a precaution, I want to use Parity.io. But I can also use MEW as backup contingency plan and the beauty of MEW is I can also have the tokens show up in Parity.io wallet, and MIST.

But I am not sending ETH from Exodus.io to the smart contract for FunFair.io ICO.

My point, don’t miss the window of opportunity before Phase 1 sells out with the cap. I’m wanting to buy into this ICO because I see the potential with the revolutionary technology, the fact that players are 100% in control of their tokens, and plus FunFair.io is setting up a platform where Private Label casinos are possible, and with 2 clicks, operators are set up and ready for the gaming industry, under their own brand.

What I also like about FunFair.io is affiliate marketing….affiliates don’t have to worry about getting screwed. Right now one has to question the affiliate programs and if they are even getting paid correctly, so this solves that issue. The fact that this is powered on Ethereum, the games are 100% verifiable and casinos can’t cheat. This is huge.

Add in brick and mortar casinos that realize they can profit by way of Private Label online casinos under their own brand for their loyal players, or potential for reward programs with FUN tokens combined perhaps with their own, it has the makings of a huge ICO through Phase 2.

But gear up now, sync that wallet, and be aware of options with MEW and why Parity.io is a good option for storing your tokens. But mark the time and date, as it is less than 20 hours away. If you want into FunFair.io, be ready at the start of the ICO and send in your Bitcoin, Ethereum, fiat, or some 14 other ERC-20 tokens, and get this, especially the tokens of FunFair.io competitors tokens! Got to love it!

For more information or to try out the games in testnet, please read:


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