WANTED: ICO Investors in San Francisco / Palo Alto that want in on FunFair

Don’t know anything about cryptocurrency but love gambling and technology? Need help?

If you live in San Francisco or Palo Alto, CA and want to buy into the ICO for FunFair www.funfair.io

This is a good opportunity to invest in the hot ICO market and this one looks good. I encourage you to read the white paper. This involves gambling and blockchain and players are in full control of their tokens meaning they do not send them to some website!

This isn’t for everybody but if you want to take advantage of the huge profits being seen by early birds in cryptocurrency, this could be a good fit.

High Rollers and those looking at over $500,000 and more have bonuses.

The ICO starts in 7. Let me introduce you so you feel comfortable with this bet on Ethereum Blockchain technology

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