Fermat Community – Washington State Chapter – Internet of People

I claimed Washington State mining claim for Fermat Community / Internet of People. We get to form a node network and mine!

I want to recruit others now to get set up with this Internet of People project. Initially I would like to set this up remotely and do so via skype or one on one, via hangout, etc. If there is enough interest and perhaps sponsor to this project, and some advanced planning we could put it together at somewhere other than Seattle. Let them fight over the traffic jam. Let’s go the other way.

I would like to see if we could establish some projects and be proactive. From the University of Washington, Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, to the microbreweries, wineries, tech hubs, geeks, etc, let’s form a node network and create some hotspots for Fermat Community.

Need some people that can assist with nodes. So if there is anybody that wants some experience or wants to help, this is perfect for you. We could also use some outreach to spread the message far and wide and to other communities that we are meeting remotely in Washington and encourage others to get active and help schedule some local events to get mining via this node network and to earn some IOP tokens.

Let’s meet to discuss the possibility. First step is to get in contact btcmacroecon@gmail.com or join the slack for Fermat Community and track me down. Let me know your interest, availability, and let’s start mining this claim!!!!

Look forward to hearing from you WA.

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