Introducing INCOCHAIN
By Marcos Torres-Gran and Brent Woods

BTCMACROECONs are now trading at EtherDelta. Please find the trading pairs and helpful information on how to use EtherDelta below.

click to trade BTCMACROECON (BME)/ Ethereum (ETH)

EtherDelta logo in upper top left, get the first one to BME, then next one hit arrow and find PLU (Plutons). I had to lower resolution to see BME down at bottom. BTCMACROECON/Ethereum BTCMACROECON/Plutons BTCMACROECON/HackerGold BTCMACROECON/Iconomi BTCMACROECON/SingularDTV BTCMACROECON/MakerDAO BTCMACROECON/DigixDAO BTCMACROECON/DecentralizedCapital BTCMACROECON/Augur_REP
SAVEtheTIGERS (TIG)/Ethereum

Those are just some of the trading pairs for BTCMACROECON
If you go to “Tokens” and you click on a token, it gives you a description.

Screencasts: Check out the Help menu for Deposit, Order, Cancel, Trade, Withdraw, etc, and watch the screencasts.



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