Personal and Professional Information and Hashing

So say developers say we are uniting and not filling out your stupid 2 hour application for jobs HR dept! We already have it all done….it takes power away from HR dept and puts it back into those that are the productive class, in process, Individual takes a cut of all transactions (tx transactions) which could be broken down from either public or private (say references, cryptography via keys) or job verification (private) salary history (private) and even make it so developers get a percentage back in this model, if they want to provide it to recruiters or HR departments….and in uniting, it changes the paradigm of 599 people x 2 hour job application and private information and data and takes power away from recruiters and advances private information and eliminates the inefficiency of 2 hour job application, data mining, etc, while offering extreme efficiencies one time via hashing for job verification…no more wasting HR departments time with former employer verification as it’s all done 1x via hashing and one verification (and could be done also via IPFS) and Individual takes % for instilling the power back into workers and for the true efficiency it brings, and HR departments thin out the useless HR workers in this regard, this could be applied to healthcare for research or studying environmental factors, exercise, particular regions of the world (for whatever reason, perhaps to aggregate data or find cause and affect, say study martial artists and health physiology)it’s a HUGE step in efficiency even for former employers, amounting to millions of dollars in efficiencies across several sectors, including healthcare, while giving greater autonomy and freedom of choice to the individual, securing privacy as they see fit, or selling the information as they see fit, and taking the power back from those that have abused it and controlled the information which has brought, marketing, exploit, privacy concerns, and millions of hours of unproductive time in the process.

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