BOUNTY OFFER TO GIVEAWAY BTCMACROECON TOKENS (cryptocurrency) is looking to offer a bounty and is seeking applications.
My objective is to simply find someone that wants to giveaway BTCMACROECON tokens. For doing so I’m willing to provide a bounty, so name your price!
I have some criteria. Trust is really important as there are so many sheisters in crypto it’s unbelievable, so integrity is everything. If you don’t have your reputation or word, what do you really have?
So I need to know who you are and how you can be verified as trustworthy. This comes in a variety of ways. Some have earned a reputation in cryptocurrency and can be verified. I am not just going to give away a huge block of tokens and let someone run off with it.
So I am also looking for someone with some good ideas, some promotions to attract to my site and to go along with the BTCMACROECON Drinking Game.
To weed people out from contacting me, I will require that YOU pay the Ethereum gas to send the tokens out. You have to know this much, but as you are aware it’s a very small amount. .1 eth lasts a LONG time.
Beyond that, I am looking for creativity. I’d like to promote the humanities, art, music, mixed martial artists, writers, social media, original content, good comments in social media etc. So if you can come up with some campaigns, you can be rewarded. Name your price! I can give away in blocks to see how it goes, test the market.
This is good opportunity for someone that wants to learn more about crypto and get involved. This is good for someone that wants to gain some experience, perhaps put something on a resume and explain that you are doing something, but I still want results. This is where your creativity comes in.
Let me know what you want to do, how you want to do it, what you think is fair, and how it YOUR TRUST & REPUTATION can be verified! That’s going to be key.
I am looking to bring valuation to the coin as initially have set a very low barrier to entry to avoid any pump and dump. They are trading on EtherDelta but I am looking for more exchanges to put them on, so circulation of the coins is on the radar. These are just tokens, but they can be used to go along with the drinking game and can be promoted as such. With support and valuation, I can then look at some online Blackjack (21).
If you are interested in getting these tokens out in circulation you can contact the site at or you can reply in the comment section below and if I like the ideas, I’ll post consider authorizing. Please leave your email or way to contact if you want to earn the bounty.

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