SAVEtheTIGERS tokens (TIG) Announcement

Human beings have a responsibility here on earth to take care of and preserve wildlife and now is the time to preserve the endangered species related to the Tigers.

SAVEtheTIGERS (Symbol TIG) tokens have been created to bring greater awareness to this cause. There is no better time than now to bring this awareness to critical mass and do what we can in the here and now. My whole life I’ve often wondered what can be done to preserve the Tigers from extinction given the true dwindling populations, and that which includes poaching or worse, people that sell tiger bones and hides on the black market. I’ve wondered this about many species of animals, rhinos, elephants, gorillas, and many more. It came down to awareness was about all I could do.

SAVEtheTIGERS tokens have been created to help bring awareness and see if others will rally around this cause with cryptocurrency, because now this is something I can do.
As for the campaign, not much has been done in that regard or how to donate to trusted foundations, and no donations will be brought in until that can be arrived at, set in stone, and proven on the blockchain. I’m not even sure what this will look like beyond the creation of the tokens, but I have some ideas.

These are Ethereum based ERC-20 standard tokens and they are tokens that offer value thanks to Giveth and the Minime token contract. These tokens are cloneable tokens with many features.

Token Attributes Found:
totalSupply = 100000000
name = SAVEtheTIGERS
symbol = TIG
decimals = 18

Token Contract: 0x059d4329078dcA62c521779c0Ce98EB9329349e6
“Some of the applications that the MiniMe token contract can be used for are:

Generating a voting token that is burned when you vote.
Generating a “coupon” token that is redeemed when you use it.
Generating a token for a “spinoff” DAO.
Generating a token that can be used to give explicit support to an action or a campaign, like polling.
Generating a token to enable the token holders to collect daily, monthly or yearly payments.
Generating a token to limit participation in a token sale or similar event to holders of a specific token.
Generating a token that allows a central party complete control to transfer/generate/destroy tokens at will.
All the applications the standard ERC 20 token can be used for, but with the ability to upgrade in the future as desired in a decentralized fashion.” (Credit: Griff Green / Giveth

These tokens are fully tradeable, cloneable, and are designed to show that cryptocurrency can work to save endangered species, and hopefully with the functions of this fully cloneable token, this awareness will spread around the world and to help other endangered species somehow and someway. If there is a will there is a way. Creating them was the first step, but others have to support the idea, otherwise they are just like any other token, except the functions within each token as you will see thanks to the developers from Minime.

I’m not saying these tokens will save a single tiger. It would be valiant if it did, or many. I’m not saying this is a non profit endeavor, although it would be awesome if it helped many non profits. I’m not saying this will not go to pay for development or to campaigns, but it would be awesome to spread awareness and work towards solutions with blockchain, but one thing is certain that before any campaigns are determined that it must be done so that it is verifiable as to the claims that will be made in the name of Tigers and wildlife in general.

I think the Tigers have suffered enough exploitation, but like any other token they need to get into circulation and these tokens can be fully traded in a free market. They need to bring value and utility in order to be successful. But with proper support and donations and proof of where those donations are going, with blockchain technology to back it, it’s a start. But for now it’s just a token. I have to give it some thought on how to run some campaigns over the years to come to act now and I will see if there is any support at all along the way.

But they also have to bring value and that entails getting into circulation, so I have given it consideration to list them in some exchanges to get them into circulation, and I will try to bring awareness, and that I can do. But there will be no claims that can not be proven once announcements and campaigns are made.

If you think this is a worthy cause and have any ideas on how to help, make some comments in the comment section below and I will begin to review and see if there is any interest or support which will help determine which direction to go. It will also be necessary to arrive at the true capabilities of these fully cloneable tokens and begin to learn more while also proving the value, if not how they can be cloned for other organizations to utilize for various causes. There will be more on the functionalities of this coin because this coin is fully tricked out.

Let’s start with the awareness campaign alone to SAVEtheTIGERS (TIG). Endangered Tigers Map; Credit All About Wildlife

Donations to is appreciated in order to do this kind of work.
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