BTCMACROECON Official Release Announcement

BTCMACROECON is the official crypto of and there are 50 million in supply. This is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token and 1=1 and there is no fractional.

January 22, 2017 17:37 (Official Release date and time)

0xf77089f2f00fca83501705b711cbb10a0de77628 is the original token contract.

The correct supply is 50,000,000 (thanks to some great support and help from and after excellent support from and Dr. Gavin Wood’s team at, the balance is correctly showing at where it is officially registered token. This being said IS the standard, and this is an ERC-20 token. The decimal is not part of the standard. So long story short, it shows (and was created at Cool but it is officially set for 0 at Parity for the intended supply, thus IS the standard. If this coin is set up at it must be set up at 0 for the correct balance.

Please keep this in mind. These tokens were created for many purposes but to kick it off, created this silly beer drinking game, the BTCMACROECON Drinking Game. This game is designed to educate and play the utilitarian role for those that may not have a clue about cryptocurrency, but a group of friends can play and learn with simple enough instructions, and the game entails beer and binge drinking. The intent was to get coins into circulation. BTCMACROECON will look at further development including Dapps and Blackjack (21). Part of this creation was to be a thorn in the REALLYFAKENEWS sites for their blatant lies and encourages YOU to be your own media! This coin is designed to reward humanities, including musicians, artists, mixed martial artists, original content or just good content and comments in social media. It’s designed to help get people into the game and to explore alternative media, alternative ways of thinking, and to help counter the status quo and help destroy it’s maintenance, and thus the humanities. We live in interesting times. The original intention was to start with a very low barrier of entry with BTCMACROECON and it is believed that value is an earned privilege. So circulation of the coin and low barrier to entry is intended, while value will be arrived at with proper coin support from the community. BTCMACROECON (BME) started trading at EtherDelta Exchange and has actively been applying with other exchanges to get this coin into circulation. For EtherDelta Exhanging: EtherDelta logo in upper top left, get the first one to BME, then next one hit arrow and find PLU (Plutons). I had to lower resolution to see BME down at bottom. BTCMACROECON/AMISOLUTIONS BTCMACROECON/Ethereum BTCMACROECON/Plutons BTCMACROECON/HackerGold BTCMACROECON/Iconomi BTCMACROECON/SingularDTV BTCMACROECON/MakerDAO BTCMACROECON/DigixDAO BTCMACROECON/DecentralizedCapital BTCMACROECON/Augur_REP
Please help BTCMACROECON get listed on other exchanges! Please try out the silly beer drinking game BTCMACROECON Drinking Game and consider providing the “gas” and BTCMACROECONs to kick off the party! And if you do, I hope you can talk yourself into free beer for enlightening others of the utilitarian value of cryptocurrency and by playing the game and introducing it to your friends or the party, that they come to learn how to use it with the instructions that go along with the Board Game (there are various online squares for the game). And the game entails some blockchain trivia and you can customize that and you can create your own rules. Bot Technology is being looked at in terms of trivia to go along with this game as is the entire board game but I would need help with that. With proper support, it is the intention to move BTCMACROECON Drinking Game into Virtual Realtiy. BTCMACROECON Drinking Game is seeking sponsors to make the bot technology a reality and for the Virtual Reality setting. This is the first cryptocurrency to have created a drinking game! Therefore this game is also seeking beer sponsors to help further development. Let’s make a deal! has made it to 185 countries and this game is going to take over college campuses soon enough! But for now these are just tokens to promote the game and to help bring about the humanities, so keep that in mind.

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