BTCMACROECON Built in Trust P2P Crypto Trading Marketplace

Bitcoin Macroeconomics prides itself on being one of the most trusted sources in the cryptoeconomy.
In order to establish a more perfect ecosphere, I would like to establish a P2P marketplace for trading. I’d like to start small.
I will say that I am not a scammer, second, I pride myself on integrity. This is an earned privilege!
I’d like to establish some fair trade! I introduced BTCMACROECON tokens and my goal is to get them into circulation. They must be introduced and they are being traded on EtherDelta.
But I do have a website and I am open to trading opportunities.
I just ask that if you are interested, you make the first move. You send me tokens first. I send you what we agree to.
We start small.
What kind of cryptocurrency would you like to trade?
Let’s see if we can come to terms and establish a P2P market here. We can carry on at an appropriate place if it gets big and convoluted.
I am offering 1,000 BTCMACROECONs for 1 Ether as I introduce this into the marketplace. I am willing to provide a bonus of 1,000 BTCMACROECON tokens (an Ethereum based ERC20 token) for short term to get these into circulation, and this is an opportunity for you to pocket 1,000 BTCMACROECON if you can bring to the table the other 1,000. Yes this is a brokering offer to you as I try to establish a market and get them into circulation, all to go along with my BTCMACROECON Drinking Game. There is value in the educational process plus the drinking game. This is better than just a token like 2,000 others.
Name one other drinking game in the wild west of cryptocurrency. Name one! At least I am aiming to teach best practices and advanced technology and for that it has value, as I try to create more trivia to go along with the game.
I also have other cryptocurrency I am willing to trade, if you want to help create a trusted marketplace.
There is a comment section down below. Make your offer, I’ll see it in my notifications and approve it as long as it is not spam.
I am not a scammer. I will take a look at one offer at a time.
Make your deal. Let’s come to terms. If you can come up with something that peaks my interest around 1 Ether or 1,000 BTCMACROECONs (plus a bonus I am offering short term) or you want to get your coins in circulation, let’s create a market place and establish a market and maybe join forces in further establishing some markets. It has to begin. This is the point.
This is my lesson in free market principles.
I don’t care if it’s Doge or something else, let’s build this out and create some levels, if the price is right and we can come to terms.
I am not one to go back and forth. If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. If your blowing smoke or your coins are junk, I’ll probably ignore you.
Strike your deal. Let’s get it on!
Leave your offer in the commment section below and how to contact you. And any terms you have (how long offer is good for or whatever it’s going to take to come to terms).
And if you don’t trust me, and that’s fair enough because I trust noone in cryptocurrency, feel free to buy BTCMACROECON in P2P trustless exchange as BTCMACROECON is now trading on EtherDelta with several pairings. This is a brand new coin and just establishing a market. I will work on valuation later, goal is to get them into circulation and if you care about your coin, you will too.
BTCMACROECONs are now trading at EtherDelta. Please find the trading pairs and helpful information on how to use EtherDelta below.

click to trade BTCMACROECON (BME)/ Ethereum (ETH)

EtherDelta logo in upper top left, get the first one to BME, then next one hit arrow and find PLU (Plutons). I had to lower resolution to see BME down at bottom. BTCMACROECON/Ethereum BTCMACROECON/Plutons BTCMACROECON/HackerGold BTCMACROECON/Iconomi BTCMACROECON/SingularDTV BTCMACROECON/MakerDAO BTCMACROECON/DigixDAO BTCMACROECON/DecentralizedCapital BTCMACROECON/Augur_REP

Those are just some of the trading pairs for BTCMACROECON
If you go to “Tokens” and you click on a token, it gives you a description.

Screencasts: Check out the Help menu for Deposit, Order, Cancel, Trade, Withdraw, etc, and watch the screencasts.


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