BTCMACROECON Drinking Game seeking Brewery or Beer Sponsor

BTCMACROECON Drinking Game is seeking a brewery or beer sponsor for the game.
Of course this entails free beer for the site administrators, not much but a sample.
It also entails a fair offer to sponsor the BTCMACROECON drinking game.
Secondary to that there are several “SQUARES” that could highlight your brand, the ability to include a prominently displayed advertisement of your brand with an embedded link to your site, and also each “SQUARE” has a picture of a beer or item relate to a beer that could be changed up to prominently display your brand or variety of beers.
I am open to suggestions and seeking a fair offer in beers (samples) and also payment in cryptocurrency on a trial basis.
Strike your deal with Bitcoin Macroeconomics and the BTCMACROECON Drinking Game! Serving over 180 countries worldwide. Get in on a ground floor drinking game and get prominently displayed in a unique marketing campaign.

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