BTCMACROECON Drinking Game – 9th Square

Cryptocurrency Trivia! Everybody drink!

The kind person that supplied the gas and tokens for the game can either designate someone or can be the one who determines the first person to answer the question correctly.
Ask any question about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other alt coins, or blockchain in general and determine the first person to get the right answer.
Anybody that did not get the right answer take 2 swigs.
If nobody got the right answer, everybody drink 3 swigs.
*Note, you may want to get a 2 pads of paper, one for the question on a note size piece of paper and another for the right answer for future games (establish a library of questions and answers) or write them out before the game starts in advance.
If nobody got the right answer the first time, go until someone gets a trivia question right. 2 swigs for wrong answers!

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