Recruiting for every country around for BTCMACROECON drinking game tokens

Contact site to buy tokens 1,000 tokens for 1 Ether

until a dapp is created for this Ethereum based token

Click for BTCMACROECON Drinking Game!

Tx transaction provided, no refunds for exchange addresses

Bitcoin Macroeconomics has gone around the world to over 180 countries worldwide and wants to see this game spread too. I need translators to promote this game and you can use the Google Translator to change to your country’s native language or so you can copy and paste foreign languages. Take me up on the offer below and have some fun with this game to help show your friends how to get into crypto and how to drink beer. Earn some tokens yourself  and find a market

*For every 1,000 tokens you you bring to the table here at Bitcoin Macroeconomics, I will provide 1,000 free tokens to you at your address. Must mention this ad and reference code: BTCMACROECON

You must provide your ethereum address. Need an ethereum address? Go to or

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