BTCMACROECON Drinking Game – 21st and Final Square

Last two people play rock paper scissors, flip a coin, or arm wrestle and if they cannot agree then go with the ConsenSys of the group. Loser slams a full beer and must send all their BTCMACROECONs to the winner!

*No you don’t really have to arm wrestle.

Finish Line! Remember, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE

If you enjoyed this game DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED 0x0e86fa24486e9de0550540537ae65f3eed414172

(Ethereum Address ^)

1HE858Ln14qUWdwv48dwnkCyXMQUeTaDCY (Bitcoin Address)

XmLJkTwqR1FJt8QJWhsk6sYw3eEFUXXntr (DASH Address)

DNHdQcMf2GpaCoknBx3qPGMtGd9j56x9Zm (Dogecoin Address)

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