BTCMACROECON Drinking Game – 2nd Square

After your wallet is set up. Go here! Copy your Private Key and JSON files to a SECURE place. If you have questions, drink. (Don’t let anybody see it!!!)

*VERY IMPORTANT. DON’T LET ANYBODY SEE YOUR PRIVATE KEY OR JSON FILE AND BE VERY LEERY OF ANY RECORDING DEVICES. You do not want to give this information to anybody! You have been warned. This is top secret stuff and for your security! Learn it, live it, know it!

OK Now you need to set up the BTCMACROECON Token! Go to Send Ether & Tokens in the Menu as seen in menu above. Click Private Key and copy and paste your private key into the box as seen on the right that says Paste/Type Your Private Key
Now click UNLOCK
Next steps:
1.Click ADD CUSTOM TOKEN (as seen in image below)
2.Copy and Paste 0xf77089f2f00fca83501705b711cbb10a0de77628 in ADDRESS box (as seen in image below)
3. Type in BTCMACROECON into TOKEN SYMBOL BOX (as seen in image below)
4. Type in 0 (ZERO) in DECIMALS box (as seen in image below)
5. Click SAVE (as seen below)


click the beer to go back to the board

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