hits goal of 180 countries worldwide “The Worldwide Bitcoin Economic Development Experience” has hit it’s first mile marker and goal of reaching 180 nation states worldwide and for that I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your interest in this website and support.
This mile marker is significant given the fact that corrupt governments and failed economic policies continue globally. Globalism is of the purest evil and yet Bitcoin spreads around the world, universally.
While governments continue to become more and more corrupt and war profiteers and global banksters corrupt politicians, impoverishment continues to set in, starvation is a reality for children and adults alike, while complete regions are embroiled in wars and corporations profiteer, and endangered species continue to die off – and this is on man and the false institutions worldwide. And the Federal Reserve continues to print debt notes out of thin air, fueling corruption and wars worldwide, because this is all they got for economic development., “The Worldwide Bitcoin Economic Development Experience” recognizes these facts; and while Bitcoin may not be the end all solution to the world’s problems but it is an important revolution nonetheless, a peaceful one, one that is a competing currency while has spawned the multiplicity of thousands of alt currencies, and more so the applications and technology that it is driving.
Beyond the competing currency is the competing methodologies that are inherent in these technologies, that of the blockchain. Where the IMF and World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development have nothing more but debt and wars and Montsanto, rest assured that there are solutions coming, and that includes smart contracts. is not simply a “Bitcoin” website but supports the plethora of cryptocurrencies and the technological advancement that it is bringing to localized economies; 180 countries is telling.
This site is involved in many things from a recent hackathon as camp INCOCHAIN competed in the Ether.Camp Virtual Accelerator, this site is involved in the and this site is involved in other Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. These are all mile markers within the scope of it all, all 180 countries this site reached today. I the individual have learned a great deal and I hope to have brought these ideas, concepts, and alternative methodologies to markets worldwide. The status quo beware. You are on notice. Your corrupt ways have no love worldwide, no. The innovation is going to kick your ass and your fractional reserve banking will come to a halt. This much is known and predicted on this date that reached the mile stone of 180 countries.
This site has no further interest chasing after any more countries or free people of the world or those smart enough to get Bitcoin, but rather this site hopes to move on to bigger and better things including establishing real economic development and advancing methodologies,concepts of alternative methods, media, and currencies worldwide – if not sparking a more peaceful revolution and playing a greater part in team building and advancing this innovative technology while creating opportunity for myself and scores of others worldwide. This is going to happen. Timing, location, and virtual capabilities and code will bring it.
On this date that hit 180 countries, the price of Bitcoin is currently $950.12 USD off of it’s high of $969.63 – a significant jump from less than a year ago when it reached $230 USD.
So to those that are non believers that are ignorant to the cryptocurrency or the librarian from Snohomish County that said “it’s not real money”, well I wish you luck with the ignorance, in fact I wish you luck with such a lack of understanding. You know why? Because Bitcoin is real economic development, and I thank everybody that tapped this site, helping it reach it’s goal.
Muchas Gracias. Viva Bitcoin! Andele!

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