Shame on Mainstream Media for Giving Queen Hillary a Free Pass

The author of this site has been known to study propaganda or brainwash technique and media bias. This site endorses neither party.
The author of this site is neither a republican nor democrat. The author of this site is neither a fan of Queen Hillary nor Trump.
But what I want to say in editorial is SHAME on mainstream media, primarily the left, be it CNN or NBC or ABC or CBS, it doesn’t matter. SHAME on all all those that go along with the filth and corruption of Queen Hillary.
To see the free pass for Queen Hillary and the destruction of 33,000 emails, to see the highest ranking Democratic Congressman Cummings on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and other minions like Connelly or McCaskill just defend the lies like it was a witch hunt, this editorial would like to remind others that these people are not setting a very good example for any kid in America.
Will it just be acceptable in the future to lie, cheat, and steal, no matter at what cost, so long as you win? This is the lesson they are teaching future generations, that and irresponsibility and that corruption at the highest levels is OK. If the Queen can do it, why can’t your kids?
But again to watch the mainstream media fail to do their due diligence in fair and balanced manner, to simply ignore the truth, well it is telling. It is so telling that CNN and the rest will have zero credibility in the future, much like Fox News has none after the Bush Administration.
America is doomed from the get go. There is no choice. This is an illusion.
To vote for one over the other because one stands a better chance at winning or Trump is better than Hillary or at least Hillary is better than Trump, well it just doesn’t cut it any longer. Just like CNN and Fox News will have zero credibility ever again, these parties will have zero credibility ever again.
I am no fan of the Republican Party, but I will say this, that at least there are some Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee that are trying to hold others accountable and from my point of view, it’s the Democrats that clearly are playing stupid every step along the way and are fabricating, obfuscating, and frankly lying to the American public in order to get Hillary elected, but at least some are doing their job while others go along with the official charade.
One thing is for sure, when the DOJ and FBI fail to do their job, likewise the media contributes to the lies and corruption and scandals because they are state run operatives, like a few corporations are these days, rest assured that America is hijacked.
The Bill of Rights gives Americans very strong legal rights. There may come a time when the rights must be used. Because what is happening in this election is a clear example of what will go on in the years to come.
Shame on the media and for the shills to go along with it, but shame on public education and the ignorant masses for teaching such stupidity that is inbred into society that it is void of critical thought to even question authority on the highest levels.
But rest assured that Bitcoin Macroeconomics questions their every move. And this site encourages you to question their every move and use every legal right that you have going forward, to the end, but use your powers wisely because clearly voting is rigged. Sure as America is doomed.
The corruption, the wars, the debt, it’s all going as planned by the corporations that took over America. It’s just that Hillary will sell it out to the highest bidders, and her flock will let it happen and go along with it like the mere sheep they are. The media is no exception.

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