Interested in BLOCKCHAIN Technology and Smart Contracts in exchange for your expertise in International Trade, all things import and export, customhouse brokerage, and specifically breach of contract?

INCOCHAIN is a project that is creating smart contracts for world trade. The combination of existing incoterms, or standardized international commercial terms, smart contracts and blockchain technology is where we are taking the industry, to completely paperless and mobile applications. We are starting from Seattle (United States), The Hague (Netherlands), and Zug (Switzerland).

We desire collaboration with industry experts from logistics and supply chain management as well as experts in contractual law and obligations of buyer and seller as they relate to breach of contract, and in exchange we wish to consult and collaborate with interested parties with regard to blockchain technology and smart contracts. Be it operations, accounting (chief financial officer), or industry specific, we are seeking collaborators that are interested in this project and the efficiencies and new business development we will bring and in return we need to break down some specific components into fine grain sand for the development that is taking place and we will value your participation.

With solid industry experience, we have a team that comes from working for some of the largest international freight forwarders in the world, experience for nearly 2 decades working for one of the world’s largest IT Consulting firms, and the experience of coding, smart contract writing, and systems management, including integration for the financial sectors including insurance, banking, and commodities trading. Combined, we are creating INCOCHAIN and taking world trade into the arena of blockchain technology.

Smart contract writing has begun for INCOCHAIN. While we work to complete a prototype for a short stack of incoterms, our team building efforts  will expand. We wish to establish contact with industry experts as they relate to international trade, both import and export (air, ocean, rail, and trucking), banking, cargo insurance, and maritime law and the legal aspects of smart contract writing.

While this is an enormous project, the efficiencies are cross industry and we have sparked interest for funding, thus we are working towards development of a prototype. We are seeking partnerships every step along the way as the world is vast;  there is enough international commerce that this project will amount to a great deal of new business development, job creation, economic development, and we desire the ability to improve standards of living on localized levels from that which we are building. At the end of the day INCOCHAIN will be available for third parties, yet between buyer and seller.

I am tasked with finding industry experts that wish to explore blockchain technology and are willing to explore the possibilities while we need help in breaking down and refining these smart contracts so they are completely automated and paperless. If you are interested in the discussion and can bring your expertise, INCOCHAIN wants to talk with you (perhaps via Hangout) and bring you into the conversation and collaborative effort. We hope your company or business too can benefit from INCOCHAIN. If interested you may also contact us at INCOCHAIN@gmail .com

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