Bitcoin Garden Celebrates 5,000 Users! 300 Doge Giveaway!

Congratulations to for achieving 5,000 users. To celebrate they are offering 300 Doge Giveaway!

To apply for the the giveaway:

Task 1 [150 DOGE] : Follow @BitcoinGarden and retweet the celebration message and the giveaway tweet:

Task 2 [150 DOGE] : Like Bitcoin Garden Facebook Page and share the celebration msg and giveaway ann:

You can do task 1, task 2 or both. Share on another social/forum to get an extra tip

This giveaway is especially designed for members that have been active on the forum.
You need at least to have 10 posts to apply for the full reward, member with less than 10 posts
will only get 1/3 of the reward. Be active and enjoy higher rewards!

Post your Twitter/Facebook accounts and your DOGE wallets down here

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