Bitcoin Boulevard coming to Mill Creek Town Center (Washington State)?

Today I went to the businesses at the Mill Creek Town Center in Mill Creek, Washington, a city about an hour north of Seattle.

While it’s going to come down to a business decision, the market will decide, not me. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. But for the sake of economic development,new business development, and customers, will the businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars accept Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies for that matter)?

Inspired by Hendrik Jan Hibolling and Peter Klasen from the Hague, Netherlands, I decided to give it shot.

I got the reaction I had anticipated. Many people have never heard of Bitcoin. However many were interested, particularly in attracting new customers, profit dollars, and several people wanted more information.

Follow up is going to include an opinion spectrum and if I can gauge critical mass, meaning visually seeing if the businesses support it, I will try to present at an association meeting if welcomed. If it is not supported, I will not waste my time or the businesses. If there is support, I will also try to arrange a special guest for subsequent details which will include payment processing and some basic training.

The above link is the opinion spectrum. Please disagree or agree. With critical mass and support, this initiative will move to asking for an opportunity to present at a monthly meeting with the Mill Creek Town Center. After that, it may be necessary to introduce a special guest or get assistance in training in payment processing and adoption of Bitcoin for ease of use for businesses and their employees.

If there is no support or it is not seen in this spectrum, this effort will cease.

There is plenty of information readily available so do your research and I mean research, not what someone says, as there are a lot of misconceptions with Bitcoin. It will be necessary to instruct businesses on how to move from Bitcoin to USD (at any time, or at the end of the day) in order to eliminate price volatility. Watch the video of Bitcoin Boulevard in the Hague, Netherlands and ask yourself if this is the sort of new business you wish to attract given the relative ease of payment transaction. Ask yourself what sort of promotion you can run for marketing efforts as a community to drive new business. And ask yourself what kind of free press you will get from the internet, the media, and even on youtube, and ask yourself how you can track these sales, but I will tell you that will be the benefit as you will see the Bitcoin transactions from your wallet.

Stay tuned.

Credit: and Bitcoin Boulevard

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