Important Update on The DAO – From Griff @

Griff Green 7:00 AM, Jul 8th
@channel: If you have DAO Tokens for the main DAO there is nothing to do right now besides wait for the hard fork.

If you called `splitDAO()` before the attack and burned your DAO tokens, I am making a channel so we can all chat with each other, join it #child_dao_community the right solution for you will depend on your DAO’s circumstance.

If you called `splitDAO()` during or after the attack, please message me.

If you personally are in some way disadvantaged by the hard fork or feel you suffered a loss in some in any way, please message me and I will try to work to make sure your concerns are noted. I can’t make any promises, but I figure if all the info is in one place I can make sure the people who need to know have that info and maybe they can help.
Corey Petty 7:01 AM, Jul 8th
Thank you for your efforts @griff. There are a lot of opinions and concerns. The very act of trying to accumulate and tally them is admirable in itself.

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