500,000 DivvyDAO Tokens and a Sponsor Needed for Debate “Arena” Proposal


500,000 DivvyDAO tokens to build Debate Arena – Brent Woods
4 minutes ago by Brent Woods
Do you support Brent Woods and proposal to bid a debate platform “arena” for group discussions, battle of the “bands or ???”, debate, or custom competitions, but built with custom channels for plug and play. While I realize it is premature to propose, I want to motion to propose this project, knowing I must secure a sponsor to build this project, and I am also prepared to give credit to the sponsor for helping build this “arena” that is open and transparent, free for all, and built with chat to gauge opinion, live time opinion bar which can be specific to “feeling of audience” during the debate, or group discussion, quantifiable results from upvotes or downvotes, emoticons (custom to audience and free to add) or even (possible with sponsorship) a system to reward moderator (tip or pay outright via smart contract), donate to a non profit or individual for their “efforts and contribution”, for the group discussion, be it any cryptocurrency we tell the program to include, including DivvyDAO tokens. Given bottlenecks, and challenge, and the ongoing nature of this “arena” for public discourse, and the overall value that I will bring, I seek 500,000 DivvyDAO tokens, but with big name sponsor and participation and backing.

All things in life are negotiable. I look forward to working with the sponsor of the “arena” which will be used for music, conversation, real debate and stupid debate, free speech, politics, community governance, and DAOs, 3D printing competitions, and festivals and protestivals. I am vetting a sponsor to bring this project in and of itself forward. And I need to pay people to help build this and trick this son of a bitch out.

Real public discourse is coming, not filtered and controlled. Imagine the debate action that is coming to society and cryptocurrency!

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