Plutons Crowdsale

Bitcoin Macroeconomics doesn’t pump just any coin, in fact these are tokens and this is part of the Plutus crowdsale (
First with this, you can buy with Bitcoin wherever they accept plastic. That’s huge. Plutons are reward tokens you get when you buy but you can also exchange.
What’s makes this interesting is it opens up the doors for reward tokens but also the ability to buy with Bitcoin wherever, and I am not sure about Ethereum at the moment, but it very likely is possible as they are accepting Ethereum in crowdsale, but don’t quote me on that. So if you can buy anything where Bitcoin is accepted and you get reward tokens (Plutons)and the fact that if you buy with Plutons, there are no fees, this is a huge advantage.
This isn’t exactly centralized but what I would consider bridging technology which could aid in adoption of cryptocurrency, but it offers it’s advantages. That zero fee is huge when you consider the potential there.
Add in a possible partnership with a major branded credit card, this Plutus or the tokens Plutons could be going places.
I picked up some Plutons in their crowdsale. Please find some information and rewards available early on in crowdsale. I just know I bought today.
I did transfer in Bitcoin to Plutus and I had to save my ethereum address in order to get the tokens at the end of the crowdsale, so if you know Bitcoin and Ethereum, you may know what I am speaking of in terms of “tokens” being sent to the Ethereum blockchain. But again, I realize I have to wait to get those tokens at the end of the crowdsale.
For more information and to get in on Plutons, please find the link:

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