Washington State Economic Development and the Cryptoeconomy

Having lived in Washington State my entire life, I have come to realize the corruption and antics by the Democratic Party. With cronies, and tax and spend measures, corruption has set in. With a multinational corporation, Comcast, a proprietary and malicious software manufacturer, and Section 8, this is hardly a state fit for business under the current model.
When you add in the bottleneck that they built with I-5, a slave center, and the Urban Agenda 21, tolls and mass transit scams have become the norm. It’s hardly fit for business let alone for quality living.
Homelessness is skyrocketing, and the Democrats who have held power based on the voting block (Seattle) and liberal ideology, well more of the same is rendering homelessness like never seen. Where it used to be seen in downtown, it’s being seen all over the place. Panhandlers can’t get a spot on the corner anymore, they are all taken, and it’s getting worse.
The problem is overtaxation, licensing, and status quo maintenance. Add in a corrupt judiciary and Bar Association that runs things along with the insurance industry, it amounts to organized crime.
Because one cannot wait for government to offer anything or fix anything, but only make it worse, or worse, take taxpayers money and fund their cronies and voting blocks, it’s time to do something different.
I am no expert but I am very familiar with the markets and I am very familiar with economics and the political arena.
I can do better than the fools in charge and it’s time to get people like me in the mix. No, I am not seeking your vote. I have more integrity than to be a part of that nonsense and racket. It’s a lost cause. And voting does not work. I’m far beyond this.
I believe it’s time to form an economic alliance. I am calling for a POW WOW and it entails economic development, cryptocurrency, and real job growth. And know where I am going with this? A campaign to get the jobs out of Seattle.
This is a campaign to take things far away from the slave center, the traffic nightmares, the high costs, all of which cause homelessness and fund corrupt government that caused the problems in the first place. That’s right.
I believe time is now because calling lawmakers in Olympia won’t do a damn thing. It might make one feel better, but it’s a god damn waste of time.
I believe that there should be a concerted effort to create economic development far from the failed Keynesian and Progressive schemes and retail and dilapidating strip malls and malls that may provide a tax base, but hardly economic opportunity.
Microsoft is not a product I would ever buy again. I appreciate open source and freedom. I wish them all the luck in the world with the lack of consistency and quality of product.
But we do have a tech sector and we do have a lot of towns that have been ravaged in the economy, particularly the construction markets, but that just trickles around the rest of the economy and it isn’t trending well. To do business or accept the same old will not make the place any better.
Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will. There are huge opportunities now in development, smart contract writing, and ancillary businesses including www.slock.it
While there is opportunity in Seattle based on the demographics and export opportunities, the goal should be to create solutions and take the jobs away from there and not even create them there to begin with. That’s right. The jobs need to go to other places in the state because of the sheer failure of the Democratic Party and those status quo players that have protected the corruption, the voting block, and the entire mother may I government to carry on in their corrupt and childish ways.
All the mantra about public education and fully funding education and the kids get out and can’t even get a job in the market. This is unacceptable. Frankly it’s the same old song and dance and it’s being wasted. Building 120 million dollar high schools that indoctrinate children and render them useless to Corporate America until they accept credentialism and student loan debt as a prerequisite in a downward spiral is not a way of life.
It would be better suited to compete with this failed model. It would be better to create free online courses and meetups and cooperatives to help better train people than what is being seen. It would be better to home school the kids now and teach them how to develop and write code and how to become smart contract writers and give the lawyers and the Bar Association a run for their money. It would be better to bring the jobs to Granite Falls, Lynden, Everett, Wenatchee, Camas, Cle Ellum, and many other points in between.
There are huge opportunities for investment and economic opportunity and it’s time to take the bull by the horns. It may just be time to leave like the senior citizens that are feeling the taxes and are leaving fast because of the cost of living and the total absolute decline in the standards of living.
Washington had the opportunity to legalize marijuana, a huge opportunity for economic development and instead turned it into tax greed and an attack on medical marijuana patients, complete with low pay and no benefit jobs. They cannot even get this right. There is no hope with what they are doing.
The best case scenario to salvage this state is to take the jobs home and to the local economies.
I would encourage anybody to join forces while we can and take the jobs and place them in local communities. You may not know a thing about Bitcoin, but I think you would be amazed at what some 17 year old knows. Or you can wait for no economic opportunity and can rely on some retail establishment for more of the same and lack of economic mobility.
I would encourage you to create a local meetup, sponsor a group or a person, join forces in an economic alliance, and try to find a way to invest in the future and not some bottleneck town that has nothing to offer but tent cities and 2 hour traffic jams to and fro. That’s not economic development.
Don’t count on Republicans to make anything any better. Democrats had their chance.
America is changing for the worse. This blog is not real rosy or so optimistic because that is convenient and bred into society and HR Departments. No. This blog is a reality.
There are opportunities if any investors wish to come together, meetup, look at implementing the technology that is there, or better yet, create it, here, and not in Seattle. If it’s not that and it’s such a lost cause, perhaps it’s time to throw in the white towel and pack it all up.
If anybody is interested in forming an economic alliance, seek investment opportunities, real economic development that in localized economies and NOT Seattle, joining an Ethereum Cooperative or learn how to create a Bitcoin or Ethereum Cooperative, there are multiple avenues to do that, and we can start by getting out of that traffic jam hellhole, cut out the scam fuel taxes that funds the childish government and corruption, and start utilizing the technology available. And if it is available or in the marketplace, then by all means it is now time to turn the tables and bring the jobs to your home town, and let the government keep flapping their lips as they protect their cronies, a one trick pony, a Comcast, and the Section 8 scam that is a result of the Democrat’s failures in all they do.
When they utter more for the teachers, remember it’s time to yank your kid from school and start homeschooling and teach them valuable skills. So provide a place for this or support your kids after school or start home school curriculum or create your own job retraining programs because whatever they are doing with all their agencies and programs isn’t working if you haven’t figured that out yet.
These people aren’t that smart.
Bitcoin Macroeconomics might not be the best in class, but certainly Bitcoin Macroeconomics can do better than what is being seen. I’ve already chosen to opt out.
Support this site. Let’s talk about this emerging cryptoeconomy. Hire this site to consult and to network. Hire this site to help educate others or bring this technology to your town or tribe. These should be simple goals and we should promote independence and an actual way of life. Compare that to the one trick pony and bogus job numbers.

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