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A new company is emerging and it combines technology, mobile applications, Ethereum, Slocks, the blockchain, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
Check out the video. It’s worth watching. May the light bulbs go off for you too.

Truckstops – Solar powered stations provide power to semi trucks so they do not need to run semi trucks throughout the night, eliminating emissions, consumption, idle time. Slocks could also be used to provide truckers anything while on the road, from Bar B Q’s to bikes.

Travel Centers – Same thing as above, but for the passenger market. Not everybody has a truck to take all the things they want on the road or vacation.

Marinas – Many boaters in the world pulling into port of call. What better place than to put a series of slocks at the marina? Many crew members pulling into port do not have the luxury of home. What would they want at your slock?

Solar Distributors – Huge opportunity for solar distributors and the advancement of solar technology. Combined with slocks, it will prove to be not only autonomous but independent, a model for the future.

Electrical Contractors – There will be need for support and installation. This is increased business for them in a new found technology, of course they will be interested for their installation side of business. To be seen is if sells through these channels.

Ski Resorts – There is opportunity for a ski resort to make money with slocks while providing a valuable service at the slopes and this entails the benefit of a locker. There are many ski schools that actually have huts and cabins. This is a great opportunity for slocks. And the perfect place for slocks is in the parking lots, at the base, and up top.

Emergency Roadside Assistance – There is a huge opportunity if anybody is concerned with the environment. Unfortunately spills and accidents happen. It is imperative to have a plan in place to stage spill absorbants and items to clean up, safety items, emergency items, and maybe a phone. These could be accessed by law enforcement or operated remotely if the need required.

Homelessness – Slocks could be used for homelessness. With all the money governments spend on homelessness despite their economic policies that create homelessness, at least there is opportunity for others, be it non profits, churches, or schools, or any business to sponsor a slock. I do not know if slocks will require a smart phone for all applications, but I would think not and in this scenario, a preloaded card could allow access to a slock for say food, water, hygiene products, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, etc. Perhaps a homeless encampment could operate the slocks in a vicinity if earmarked for them, learn the technology, and work with non profits and businesses and organizations that donate to the slocks. What a great opportunity.

Gold Mining Claims – With a Gold Rush on, and solar technology, it is possible to have slocks on a gold claim. If anybody has ever packed deep into the mountains, it can be difficult and treacherous. Better save that energy for the rocks you pack out. A gold claim or rock club could have an onsite slock, if built in a way to prevent vandalism or theft, secured, etc. Shovels, crowbars, and various mining equipment could go in various slocks.

Storage Units – Anybody could become a storage unit with slocks, but built in is the existing storage unit market. Slocks could be used for anything, and accessed by anybody.

Airports – Big and small. From the largest of international airports to small airports with piston engine planes, people are limited to what they can take with them on planes or their planes limit passengers by weight they can take on the plane. Airports generally have a lot of space and lockers, but this is an ideal market for slocks, big or small. Also an opportunity is to get paid advertising on the slock boxes for additional revenue.
Train stations are another option or nearby.

Mobile Slock business – With festivals, tourism, holidays, or seasonal gatherings, there may be a need for a niche market of mobile slock businesses, be it in a mobile trailer or just temporarily displayed. A festival may be interested in having vendors, this is a decent opportunity for a niche market or even for tailgate parties for football.

Cooperatives – With many cooperatives sharing office space or equipment, this could be a good way to not only lock up their stuff, but to be able to share equipment or anything if it’s cheaper to share than to buy. The other opportunity is the fact that cooperatives could start small and look for opportunities to place slocks, one at a time and expand as required based on returns on investment.

Remote areas – There are many places that are hard to get to, yet there are businesses and industry in the area. With costs of delivery, it is often difficult given time and costs to deliver in every region, that does not mean that businesses don’t need something in a hurry. A delivery company could have their own slocks wherever they need them, for sake of delivering shipments to. In this scenario, their customers could make arrangements to pick up what they need and make arrangement for access. This can all be communicated. But this eliminates someone having to pay for someone for 2 hours to deliver to their door, when they can just drive to the dropbox knowing product is there, as the delivery company may have a route or may not even service an area, and this is where a slock would come in handy. These are all opportunities for electrical contractors etc.

RV Parks & Campgrounds – Many RVers are limited to what they pack with them. What better place than to get what you need at the RV Park, complete with a listing of items available, quantity, and accessed via a website. With this, reservations can be made in advance and all done via smart contracts and Ethereum. If a person reserves an item and never shows up, there could be an agreement in place for this problem. From rafts, boats, binoculars, or even firewood, there are benefits here as again, people are limited. Besides who wants to blow up a raft camping?

A Neighborhood, A Condo Association – If a neighborhood or condo association allowed it, or apartment complex, there are many benefits to sharing. It’s up to the neighborhood what they want in there and what they would accept.

College Campuses – Opportunities are endless and the crowd may be a little more tech savvy.

Diesel Engines in Alaska or remote fishing village – I worked in a business where fisherman could spend $25,000 to get a new diesel engine to Alaska or lose out on $25,000 per day. An engine distributor could pay to have a diesel engine in a slock it box in a remote fishing village, ready. The engine distributor does not even have to be in that town, just have it ready. This would go for anything from a diesel engine or a hydraulic pump, or the most common items. The slock will prove to be cheaper than the logistics of emergency air freight. In this method of distribution, the cost of a slock and a diesel engine in the slock would prove to be cheaper than the inventory cost in a brick and mortar establishment, while the slock could be built to be dry, secure, and free from salt water environment. The margins on that diesel engine would be higher for the emergency need and the fact that is “on the ground” and if planned long in advance, the cost of transport could be brought down substantially, rather than the emergency “got to have it right now”. It’s a worldwide fish market. Support your local fishermen.

Microbreweries, Wine Making – This one is a stretch, but I am a homebrewer. I would believe there is opportunity in the establishment of neighborhood microbreweries! Yes. Why should every enthusiast have all the brewing and kegging equipment when they can be used cooperatively and shared? A microbrewery club could have a place where they brew, and rent out the equipment as needed or share in the overall expense. With 50 brewers for example, there is no need for everybody to have all their own equipment when they can come together, share, drink, and make the best brew around, and then get a safe ride home! A brew club could schedule their own equipment and charge members a small fee for utilizing, giving them access. Again, the other option is all 50 brewers having all the equipment. Perfect opportunity to share and for slocks.

These are just a few ideas for a target list.
Do you have any other ideas that you think would work? If so add your ideas to the comment section below.

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