Solar,, and the Cryptoeconomy

I don’t know if you have heard of yet or Ethereum, but I believe there is something to be said in this new revolution that combines renewable technology with cryptoeconomics.
Ethereum is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency and it offers a unique aspect – smart contracts. Where Bitcoin acts like a currency, Ethereum can offer anything that can be built as an application, being one. is like a smart lock. Imagine a place where you can rent out your bike with payment and deposit being done right over a smart phone and under contract, and completely on the blockchain.
So when you combine the ability to power slocks with solar, be it a drop box (to power the slock) or rental unit, you are combining some interesting technology. A slock could be used to unlock use of a 3D printer, complete with deposit and payment. And then the slock gets shut and locked, and deposit goes back to the “renter”.
This has huge ramifications where the solar industry has run into obstacles and challenges to their renewable resource and infrastructure. But imagine, if you will, a day where Semi Trucks can go to a truck stop, or wherever there is a Slock, and hook up with the solar power grid for electricity. No longer are truckers required to leave their semi trucks running all night long in the cold winter for heat, as they can tie into electricity or a solar grid.
A Slock could also be put in the truck stop or anywhere (back road) and there could be access to rent a Bar B Q (no the trucker doesn’t need to take one on the road, he can have access and pay for access with Ether) or have a bike to get some exercise. And get this, it’s all powered by solar.
This is a huge opportunity for solar and electrical contractors.
A trucking company or their headquarters could offer an incentive for their drivers and have Slocks nationwide at their partners in business or they could sign leases, so this is an opportunity for truck stops, independent yards, or ANYBODY with the business sense to build it and people will come.
It can all be powered by solar, and complete solar arrays can be built so truckers or any drivers can hook up to power without running their batteries down or running in idle, wasting gas, and sending out emissions into the atmosphere. in this regard makes perfect sense on so many levels, but also for nationwide travel.
There are huge opportunities for infrastructure and rentals worldwide and that includes the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
Where there is the sun, there is opportunity. The opportunities are endless.
This is an exciting time for Solar, Ethereum, and This is a HUGE opportunity for investors and businesses, for job creation, and new startups.
If anybody is interested in learning about this technology or investing in opportunities, I would be glad to offer out consulting services under smart contract and payment in Ethereum.
Did you hear that Solar Industry? This is new business development in the making, this is return on investment, this is disruptive to the status quo, and it makes sense. This is a high school project waiting to happen. This is a family business waiting to happen. This is independence.
The buzzword is Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).
If you would like to explore opportunities with this technology, contact this website or email for consulting.
From bike rentals, to anything a rental yard offers, can be your solution for ease of use and immediate payment, all under smart contract. It may be a lot to grasp all at once, especially if you have never heard of Ethereum or, but this is why I would be glad to help your organization via consultancy. Skype is always an option.

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