Bitcoin Macroeconomics would like to thank LINUX STUFF DAILY for picking up on the Maki Melody (for beginners) article.

I wouldn’t have even been able to write that article had it not been for the help of the Linux community. I had many dumb questions I needed to get over several humps, but they came through and were extremely helpful in allowing me to stay on task for this project. It wasn’t easy (for me). But I certainly do appreciate the assistance when it came down to it, and likewise I appreciate LINUX STUFF DAILY for sharing this with others.

Maki is going to be HOT. Melody (a project within the Maki platform) was what this article was about. Decentralization is coming to the masses. Besides that, there is a lot of cool projects and technology wrapped into one under this umbrella, and that also entails and many other projects. This will revolutionize the world of content providers and app building. The status quo now has competition. The status quo is going down.

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