With a new camera and mike, I’m up and running. Or, I can share my screen, and get this, for Bitcoin?

With Streamium, you get paid by the minute from your viewers. Imagine the applications for education, marketing, analysis, drone coverage, or you name it. There really is no need for 120 million dollar high schools or 78 school administrators making between $129,000 to $278,000 per year each, no. In fact, while others want more and want summer off, others can be busy teaching, instructing, and educating. Leave the Common Core and indoctrination where it lies. I do not believe Aristotle required a 120 million dollar high school. I don’t think Da Vinci or Thomas Jefferson required that either.
Let the munchkins keep their tax dollars, eliminate the Urban Agenda, deadly traffic jams, and let them fix their cars, upgrade, and spend it on their families or save.
What a concept. So can Bitcoin and technology do this? You bet. Eat your hearts out.

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